Adept Sub-Classes: Adepts must choose from one of three Sub-Classes: the Berserker, the Mystic and the Zephyr.

Build Options: Adept characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Adept Skills or Adept Feats.

Class Overview: There have always been five Totems upon Midworld, five Totems willing to place their marks upon the dwellers of the mortal world:

Sun – who burns ever brightly in the skies
Moon – who sends long shadows across the landscape
Storm – who flies across Midworld in a single eye-blink
Earth – who holds the shape of Midworld together
Winter – who is the end and the beginning of all things

Some tie these five to the elemental spirits while others relate the totems to the five spawnlings of the great dragon known as Wyrm. Each Totem is a symbol of great power, an aspect of the world so central to its creation and existence that even the mortals that dwell upon Midworld are not exempt from their mark.

Indeed, across the surface and the histories of Midworld, mortals are born with their fates entwined with that of a Totem spirit. There are no definitive answers to why there are only five kinds of Totem spirit or why they choose whom they choose, but those who have been lent the strength and the power of a Totem can expect two things: a life of constant conflict and incredible spiritual prowess that allows them to transcend beyond the limits of mortality.

Costume Effects: The mark of his Totem drawn upon one’s brow or upon one’s upper chest (right below the neck).

An Adept must choose from the following Totems, although there are whispers of Forgotten and Forbidden totems that allow adepts to channel the power of Demons or even Dragons:

EARTH: The power of beasts, of the wild or the mountains. This is represented by a featureless circle, claw marks, fangs, or an upturned mountain.

MOON: The power of darkness, night, and the moon. This is represented by a crescent moon, an eye or a black five-pointed star.

SUN: The power of fire, warmth, and light. This is represented by a sunburst, a tongue of flame, or a winged serpent.

STORM: The power of lightning, winds, and the sky. This is represented by a thunderbolt, a spiral, or a bird.

WINTER:  The power of ice, decay, and the seas. This is represented by a snowflake, a coiled serpent, a skeletal tree or waves.

*If you wish to use an alternative symbol for your Totemic Mark, you may consult the Seventh Kingdom staff.

Class Features: Adepts receive these Class Features at first level for no build cost.


Adepts are more than flesh and blood, they are skilled fighters that also house a Totem – a powerful elemental spirit that reflects one of the greatest aspects of the world. Because of this, they are inexorably and innately tied to the world of magic and spirits.

  • Because of the Adept’s bond with the Aetherworld, he can see and speak to spirits (those that wear purple headbands). An Adept begins with the Spirit-Sight skill for no build cost. This skill also allows the Adept to speak to Spirit-type creatures, although only in whispers.
  • Furthermore, any and all Adepts can call a minor Elemental Spirit to them that can light their path during times of darkness (phys rep: flash-light or other lighting device).To summon this spirit, Channel for 5 seconds and then say “Spiritual Communion”.


An Adept’s Totem marks its host spiritual and physically – not only is an Adept blessed with physical prowess but also spiritual powers. This manifests in a Totemic Mark, which may seem like a tribal tattoo or birthmark to others but is a sign of a Totem’s presence and sanction.

  • The Adept chooses a Totem from the five Totems above and gains one of the following feats based on his choice:
    • Earth Strike
    • Moon Strike
    • Storm Strike
    • Sun Strike
    • Winter Strike
  • An Adept is the vessel of his totem, the greater spirit that allows him to perform feats of supernatural prowess. An adept must possess, upon his brow, face or chest, a mark of his totem. This mark must be in full view and must always be in display, so that those who look upon the Adept realize what powers he is capable of and accord him the respect that is due to him.


  • An Adept (and only an Adept) can utilize Totemic Feats. These Feats blur the line between the mundane and the spiritual, allowing an Adept to perform exploits of supernatural power without using any spellcraft.


Berserker: The Berserker is an Adept that can enter a furious rage when possessed by his Totem spirit; he becomes stronger, tougher and utterly unstoppable. Those in the way of a Berserker when he rages must stand aside or be cast aside.

Mystic: The Mystic tempers his Totemic power with discipline and skill. Although the path of the Mystic is an inward one, those who see a Mystic in action cannot help but behold the true depths of his elemental mastery when he strikes arrows from mid-air and calls forth flame and frost with
scarcely a word upon his lips.

Zephyr: A blur of motion, a flash of steel and blood- these are all that one might see when fighting a Zephyr. Made speed incarnate by the Totems they keep, those who would catch a Zephyr in the throes of a Zephyr dance are more likely to catch their own death instead.