Alt Characters

In the parlance of LARPing, video games and table-top games, the main character and alternative characters are designations used by Players that play more than one Player Character. The Main character or “Main”  is the character that the aforementioned Player uses the most. Alternative characters (or “Alts” for short) are the characters that are used less often and tend to be less powerful because of this lack of use.

At any one time, a Player may only be playing one character. The ability to play and have a stable of multiple characters is one of the privileges players are granted at Seventh Kingdom. It allows Players to explore other personalities and circumstances beyond their Main character, acting and interacting differently as appropriate to the character they are playing.

Having multiple characters is not a way to begin and avoid conflicts, nor is it a way to easily earn an extra income via monthly stipends. As per usual, Staff reserves the right to afflict sanctions and penalties to those found abusing the ability to create and play Alts. These penalties may include the loss of Role-play build, up to including some form of suspension from the game.

Here are the rule clarifications for having and playing multiple characters:

  • Alts earn build independently from the Main character and from each other.
  • Alts also have their own character bags and character sheets which are kept in logistics, separate from each other.
  • The bags of the inactive characters will be kept in Logistics and cannot be taken in advance. Visit logistics to switch characters.
  • Alts MAY NOT directly interact with each other, nor may they give each other money or goods, directly nor indirectly.
  • Alts should be significantly different in appearance from each other. If they are of the same Race, they must have considerable differences in costuming, prosthetics and/or face-paint.
  • Player characters may not disguise themselves as any other characters of the same Player.
  • If a Player character has an Alt that has a monthly income via a Profession or other method, they do not get that monthly income unless they pay for at least a Period for that character.
  • Alts do not gain build for an event unless the Player has paid for at least 1 Period for that event.
  • You can only change in and out of an alt once per event.
    For example, lets assume you have two characters. Character A, and Character B. Character A is your main for the weekend, the one you will be playing the most. Character B is your alt for this weekend. You may start the event as Character A, after a while switch to B, and then finally back to A. At this point, you may not return to Character B during this event.

On another note: Players who consistently move between Alts and their Main, or frequently abandon characters are less likely to experience personal plot tied to their Main character. They may miss opportunities when their plot lines come into Freehold or Staff may be unsure what character is the main character for that Player. Alts will not get personal plot lines assigned to them because of the Staff’s objective to provide personal plot to the player base of main characters first and foremost.

Beginning 2016, a new rule will be added
to the rules for playing multiple characters:

(Option 1) You can pay by period for each character, changing them by the period as they were paid for.

(Option 2) You pay for one character for the full weekend (via pre-reg or at the door) and then unlock the alt for 10 dollars at sign in. This unlocked alt does not gain build unless you purchase a full period for them.

The purpose of either payment system is to cover the logistical costs of creating the character, maintaining and updating the card, storing the character’s bag and printing out their multiple character sheets.