Online Rulebook

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The Warrior and the Witch

  • General – to be read before the rest of the rulebook. Outlines basic game mechanics and rules.
  • Lore¬†– The Rime of the Seventh Kingdom, as passed down by the Wyrd Empire.
  • Maps – An old map of the Seventh Kingdom.
  • Kingdoms – The various sovereign states that populate Midworld. Each provides its own unique flavor.
  • Races – There are many different types of playable creatures within the Seventh Kingdom.
  • Classes – The most important part of character creation, here you will find all the available classes.
  • Professions – Allows players to provide a service for themselves and others in Freehold.
  • Character Creation – Here you will learn how to make you character come alive.
  • Freehold Infrastructure – As Freehold is built, power is shared.
  • Freehold Information – History of Freehold’s creation, and the powers that reside within it.