What to Bring to a Seventh Kingdom Event

When you come to your first event there will be a few things you will need to have with you.

    – Money to pay for the event if you didn’t pre-register
    – Legal form of ID for filling out your waiver at sign in (once per year)
    – Sleeping Bag & Blankets (electric blanket for colder months)
    – Cot, blow-up mattress, bed roll, hammock
    – Pillows
    – Shelter/Tent (if the camp doesn’t have a place for you to stay)
    – FOOD: Snacks for between meals, or in substitution for one of the meals that Seventh Kingdom can provide. We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only the Saturday dinner is free.
    – WATER: Always bring more water than you expect you will need
    – MEDICINE: Any important medication or pain killers
    – Toilet paper & towel
    – Tooth brush & tooth paste
    – Baby wipes (helps with keeping some freshness through the weekend)
    – Soap & shampoo
    – Contact supplies
    – Body spray and or hair spray
    – Brush or comb
    – Bug Spray & sun screen
    – Flash Light or lantern (no flame inside buildings or tents)
    – Trash bag for cleaning up your camp site
    – Camp decorations (not required but recommended for roleplaying)
    – Character costume & any alts you plan to play (include their props/weapons too!
    – White headband (for when you need to be out of game)
    – Purple headband (for when you are a spirit)
    – Make Up (such as gems on the face for gnomes, or glitter for twilight elves)
    – Boots or sturdy foot wear
    – Pajamas or something comfortable for sleeping in
    – Black clothing for NPC duty
    – Comfortable extra clothing for after the game on Sunday
    – Gloves, scarf, hat, wool socks, thermal underwear (for colder months)
    – Rain gear (poncho, rain jacket or just extra clothes/costumes to wear)
    – Extra socks and underwear
  7. COOKING ITEMS (if you plan to cook your own food)
    – Pots, pans, plates, cups, utensils
    – Charcoal, matches, skewers, etc
    – Mandatory jug of water for tending to camp/cooking fires

This is just a basic guideline for our players. Usually as players gain experience for packing for each event they become knowledgeable in the things that they will need and things that are not necessary.

Remember, it is always better to have over packed for the game, than to have under packed.