Parent’s Q&A Regarding Seventh Kingdom Events

This is a FAQ specifically for our player’s parents! Due to the complicated nature of trying to explain what a LARP is our hopes that this Parent’s Question and Answer (PQ&A) will clear up the most common questions along with our FAQ.

If you have any questions that are not answered here or you’re still unclear with what your child is approaching you with we welcome you to contact us at:

If you would rather we now have a phone number you can contact us at:


And of course we ALWAYS love meeting our parents in person! Feel free to travel to the site with your child to meet some of the staff and get a feel for the environment we provide to our players. Please ask for Nana, our Marketing Director or Tina, our Inn Manager.

Is this a cult?
-No. We are a fantasy-based game and understand everything is just imaginary and there for fun.

Are drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes allowed at the camp sites?
-Drugs and alcohol are forbidden at our events and on the camp sites we use. Zero tolerance shall be given, and we will not turn a blind eye to it. We reserve the right to escort any violators of this policy off of the camp grounds without a refund.  Our goal is good, clean fun.

Who are the staff?
-Learn more about the staff and contact them on the staff page.

How many adults are there at the event?
-All eight of our staff members are adults and will be present at each event.

Is there adult supervision at all times?
-Yes and no; all staff members will be present on camp all weekend but we cannot be everywhere at once.

What medical staff are on site?
-A first aid/CPR-certified staff member will be present on site at all times. If a player needs to go to the hospital, a staff member will contact the player’s emergency contact immediately. In the unlikely event of a rare and extreme medical emergency, staff will call for emergency services (ambulance) as needed.

This is an overnight event? What are the sleeping arrangements/facilities?
-There are areas with small cabins or tents, there are platforms where players can pitch their own tents, and there are also indoor buildings with rooms in which players may sleep. Please make sure to bring appropriate sleeping gear to match the weather.

Will food be provided?
-Yes. We will provide food throughout the weekend. For two dollars a serving the kitchen will provide a meal. One meal per event, usually Saturday dinner, called “the feast”, will be provided by the game.

What if one of the players has food allergies?
-Please contact the Kitchen Director at ahead of time to make specific arrangements. If your teen has special food needs or allergies, you are also welcome to send some food along.

My teen needs to take specific medication or has a specific condition (such as asthma). Can s/he attend? How will you help?
-Yes, they can attend and the staff members will be more then happy to help with medications.

Do you prevent bullying? How?
-We will not allow any bullying and if we find out there is bullying taking place that player will be contacted by staff members. If the bullying does not stop, that player will be asked not to come back.

When should I drop the player off? When should I pick him or her up?
-You can drop them off any time on Friday after 6:30 p.m. and pick them up Sunday afternoon around 12 p.m.

What are the age limits/requirements?
-All players must be age 16 or above to register and play. Players that are between the ages of 16-17 are required to have a parental signature on their registration forms.

How much does this cost? Should I make sure my teen has extra money for the weekend? If so, what will this money be used for?

-Check out the Prices page for more information.

I am concerned about the hot/cold weather. What should players pack?
-Please refer to the What Should I Bring? page to assist in packing appropriate attire and sleeping materials. During the colder months the buildings will be heated and extra care will be taken to make sure all of our players stay safe.

Are there wild animals/dangerous animals at these sites?
-Yes, but we will be taking necessary precautions to avoid any problems.

Can I meet the staff or talk to them beforehand?

-Of course–we love to meet our players’ families! You can either contact us through the website or visit us during check in before each event.

I would like to help my teen build a safe weapon. How much will it cost and how do I do it?
-Please see the How To page for more information.

What are the benefits for my teen if he or she attends an IGE?
-Many parents are concerned that their teens spend too much time indoors and/or in front of video games. Our IGE offers more entertainment than a video game, while still appealing to the interests of gamers and fans of fantasy novels. Throughout the weekend, players are encouraged to interact with the entire story of our game, just as one would do in a video game or a choose-your-own-adventure book. This typically includes physical activity similar to what your teen would experience in gym class or playing a sport (only at least as entertaining).

Socially, our IGE provides an opportunity for players to meet new friends with similar interests in an in-person, safe environment.

Lastly, our safe role play environment allows for character development. Players utilize their creative skills; this is especially helpful for those needing to express themselves–such as writers, actors, musicians, costumers, and more. Our game underscores the importance of teamwork to accomplish a goal, using the wide skill set players choose.