NPCs in the Seventh Kingdom

There is NO required NPC duty at Seventh Kingdom IGE…
but NPCs are ALWAYS needed!

Being an NPC is a great way to play on a budget, quickly learn the rules,
gain extra build for your character, or earn in game currency.

What is an NPC (Non Player Character)?

All NPCs are required to wear back outfits.  
All the necessary weapons and costumes will be provided.

There are three types of NPCs all listed below.


Players are invited to perform a non-mandatory npc shift during the event where upon completion they will receive various rewards as outlined below. During their shift they will cease playing their character and will instead help as instructed by staff. They may be asked to add numbers to a major battle, role-play as instructed, or help set up a scene/module. Most players performing an NPC shift will not play any major parts for the event as these roles are reserved for full time NPCs.

An NPC shift lasts a minimum of four hours, but you may choose to make it longer for added benefits. The shift begins when you arrive at NPC land (traditionally the basement of the inn at Amity Acres) and complete your NPC SHIFT SIGN IN FORM. Before signing in, you should be out of your character’s costume, in all black clothing, and ready to help.

At the end of your shift (minimum four hours) you will take your NPC SHIFT FORM to a staff member and they will grant you the rewards you have earned. Should you disappear or leave the game during your NPC shift, we will automatically sign you out.

Staff reserves the right to end anyone’s shift prematurely if their services are unable to help the game at that present time. Unless otherwise specified by a Staff member in advanced, all NPCs are expected to be combat capable.

To perform an NPC shift, simply report to NPC land and perform the steps outlined above. You can sign up for a specific time in advanced during check in to be eligible for the COMPONENT ROULETTE (outlined below).

There is no limit to the length of an NPC shift, although if you perform a shift the whole weekend time sleeping or otherwise away from your assignment does not count towards your total.

Shift Rewards
Component Roulette - for PCs performing an NPC shift


A full time NPC is a person who chooses to perform NPC duties for the entire weekend. These NPCs will be able to play more important roles for the weekend and help further major plot arcs. Full time NPCs will play parts ranging from the lowest of peasant to a noble lord. They will be allowed knowledge of event secrets and will assist in the set up and break down of the entire event. A perk to NPCing full time is that it only cost $10 (pre-reg price) to play a wide variety of characters (and this also covers your food costs!)  You gain 3 build points at minimum, can can earn as many as five, so long as you follow directions and help clean up on Sunday. This build can be put towards a new character or an old one. Also, NPCing full time is a great way to learn the rules system and to over come any initial fears you might have.

Component Roulette - for full time NPCs

The Wolfpack

Professional NPCs (Wolfpack members) are an elite group of experienced NPCs that choose to sign on for a one year NPC tour with Seventh Kingdom IGE. They are granted special insight to the master plot for the entire game as well as playing the most powerful and influential persons/creatures that will appear in the game. Wolfpack members pay nothing to attend the event and also receive special costuming and out of game gear for their hard work and dedication. Becoming a Wolfpack member is a selection process based off of attitude, performance, motivation, and combat expertise. Wolfpack members also qualify as future staff prospects and have final say on game marshaling calls when staff members are not present.