NPCs in the Seventh Kingdom

There is NO required NPC duty at Seventh Kingdom IGE…
but NPCs are ALWAYS needed!

If you are interested in saving money, acquiring build fast, playing many different characters, and always having something to do… keep reading!

NPCs are required to wear all black to an event. We will provide all the necessary costuming, make-up, weapons and props. 

To sign up for an NPC shift, visit NPC land at any point during the event!

What is an NPC (Non Player Character)?

A Non Player Character (NPC) is the backbone of any interactive game. They provide the cast to the play; the bots in your video game. They are in essence the fabric of how the game runs and operates. When a player character (PC) walks blindly down the shadowy path wondering if any rogues lurk in the darkness waiting to take their coin, it is the NPC who sits eagerly in the tree line waiting to surprise the unsuspecting player and provide them with a world of intrigue and danger.

As an NPC, you will be expected to have a high level of energy and combative skills. You will master combat in a fraction of the time it will take player characters simply due to the amount of combat you will see in a single weekend. It may feel like a crash course in acting, exercise, and discipline all at once. Sound like boot camp? In a way, it is, but don’t dismiss this rare opportunity just yet. As an NPC, you will have the chance to play some of the most amazing parts to the IGE.

Have you ever wanted to be a bloodthirsty goblin bent on world domination? Or perhaps the king of a grand and powerful nation mired in secrets and accusations? This is the way to do it. Your time and effort also earn you build towards your player character should you ever choose to play one. Here at Seventh Kingdom we have three types of NPCs. It is up to you to decide your level of involvement.

First type: Players doing an NPC Shift.

A Player NPC is a player character who offers to donate time during the event to perform NPC duties in four hour increments. This is normally accomplished during peak hours to help the full time NPCs accomplish the plans for the weekend. During your shift you will help add numbers to major battles and assist with module set up and break down. Most Player NPCs will not play any major parts for the event and will just help add to the world that should exist as Seventh Kingdom.

Choosing to do a player NPC shift earns the player one extra build for the weekend. Additionally, their shift may reward them with game items and add gold to a Freehold Domain of their choosing.


Second type: Full time Non Player Characters

A full time NPC is a person who chooses to perform NPC duties for the entire weekend. These NPCs will be able to play more important roles for the weekend and help further major plot arcs. Full time NPCs will play parts ranging from the lowest of peasant to a noble lord. They will be allowed knowledge of event secrets and will assist in the set up and break down of the entire event. A perk to NPCing full time is that it only cost $10 (pre-reg price) to play a wide variety of characters (and this also covers your food costs!)  You gain 3 build points at minimum, can can earn as many as five, so long as you follow directions and help clean up on Sunday. This build can be put towards a new character or an old one. Also, NPCing full time is a great way to learn the rules system and to over come any initial fears you might have.

Third Type: Professional Non Player Characters (The Wolfpack)

Professional NPCs (Wolfpack members) are an elite group of experienced NPCs that choose to sign on for a one year NPC tour with Seventh Kingdom IGE. They are granted special insight to the master plot for the entire game as well as playing the most powerful and influential persons/creatures that will appear in the game. Wolfpack members pay nothing to attend the event and also receive special costuming and out of game gear for their hard work and dedication. Becoming a Wolfpack member is a selection process based off of attitude, performance, motivation, and combat expertise. Anyone wishing to apply for a position with the Wolfpack may submit a resume to Wolfpack members also qualify as future staff prospects and have final say on game marshaling calls when staff members are not present.