Spell Packet How To

Spell packets are required props for spell casters and archers in Seventh Kingdom IGE. They are physical representations of magic and arrows. Spell packets are thrown at targets (usually other players or NPCs) and must therefore be safe and durable. Players are expected to bring their own spell packets.

Estimated Time: 2 minutes per packet

-Scrap fabric (roughly 6 square inches per packet)
-Rubber bands (thin, one per packet)
-Fine bird seed (one 5 pound pack per sixty packets)
-Bag or bin in which to store and transport completed packets
-Ribbons cut 6 in. to 1 foot (needed only for the arrow packets)







1) Spread out your fabric flat on a flat surface in front of you.







2) Cut the fabric into rough six inch squares.







3) Place a handful of bird seed in the center of the fabric square.







4) Gather the square by its corners and tie into a packet shape using a rubber band.
4a.) For arrows- Tie in the ribbon so that it will stream out behind the packet when thrown.







5) Place your completed packets in a close-able bin or bag. (Inevitably, one or two packets will come undone during transport or play.)

6) After reciting the appropriate verbal, toss packets at your target.

– It’s best to make spell packets outside when possible. Bird seed attracts mice and rats, so if you make them inside, be sure to clean up immediately after you’ve completed the packets.
– Light-colored fabric is usually best because it is visible at all hours of the day. You’ll want to see if your packets hit targets at night, and you’ll want to recover as many of your packets as you can.
– If several people are making packets, organize an assembly line.
– Always make 10-20 more packets than you estimate you’ll need.
– It’s always best to retrieve spell packets when possible, but make sure you have extras on you at all times so packet retrieval never interferes with your game play or the abilities of your character.

Safety Warnings:
– Use thin rubber bands. Thick rubber bands can hurt more if they snap or freeze up in the cold.
– Do not use sand. A spell packet with sand is dangerous when wet and/or frozen.
– Do not aim at other players’ heads. Head shots are illegal.
– Keep away from pets and small children.