Your First Event in the Seventh Kingdom

When does the camp open? Does staff need help setting up?
Staff will arrive to the camp at 6:30pm on Friday to begin setting up. Players are also welcome to arrive at this time (but not earlier) to set up their camp or to help set up the rest of the camp for service points. Additionally, they may also help transport gear from the storage unit (in Lumberton NJ) to the camp for service points. Contact the game director if you would like to help transport gear.

When does check in start?
Check in, run by the logistics team, will start between 8pm and 9pm. Logistics will be open for players to pay for the event, new players to create a character, or for old players collect their character bag and card.

Do I need to go to check in? What should I bring to check in?
Check in is mandatory for all players, both player characters (PCs) and non player characters (NPCs). Special care should be taken by all players to make sure they visit check in. Players who fail to check in before playing the game will be removed and asked not to return to Seventh Kingdom.

When visiting check in, be sure to bring along the following items-
1. Cash money for the event if you haven’t pre-registered in advanced. Prices can be found here. We accept cash and check. No credit cards.
2. An Identification Card if it is the first time you have played Seventh Kingdom in the current year. This will be required when filling out your waiver.
3. Any notes regarding what character you would like to make.

What happens at check in?
STEP 1: Payment & Waivers
STEP 2: Character Creation
STEP 3: Weapon inspection
  • Arriving late- Checking in after 10:30pm Friday night
    If you arrive late and are unable to find a staff member to check you in, be patient and ask around until a staff member becomes available to help you. Do not start playing until you have completed your check in process. If you are unable to find anyone to help you, you may need to call the Seventh Kingdom staff phone number (609.948.GAME).
  • NPC’s at Check In
    If you are a NPC, you will need to report to logistics and participate in the above steps. You will be requested to bring a completely black outfit (t-shirt, hoodie, sweat pants, shorts, khakis, etc.–any combination as long as it is completely black.) We will provide food and water to full-time NPCs throughout the event (but you should come prepared with extra snacks and water). After signing in, you will report to the NPC director or Game director for further instruction. They will often be at npc land, which is where the npcs sleep and get dressed. You can read more information about NPCs here.
  • After check in: GAME ON & LAY ON SPEECH. Each event we will be holding a meeting (called a Lay On Speech) before game on which will start around 10:30pm. At this meeting, staff will announce and discuss any issues both in game and out of game that must be brought to the player base as a whole. After this meeting, GAME ON will be announced and the game starts.