Frequently Asked Questions & Game Policies


What is LARP?
What is IGE?
What is a PC & NPC?
Is there required NPC duty?
What safety measures are there?
What is your affiliation with the Boy Scouts?
Where is the game located?
Who runs this game?
When did this game start?
– How to provide feedback?
– Can I have Seven K. visit my club/university/convention?
– What are service points?
– How to check in at event?
– Where do I get a rule book?
What is the game setting?
– How do I make a character?
– Where can I get a costume?
– What are the costume requirements?
– Where can I get a weapon?
– What are the weapon rules?
– What armor can I use?
– What shield can I use?
– What is build?
– How do I submit a character?
– What is a character history or backstory?
– What is a Kingdom?
– Character limitations?
– How much does an event cost?
– What do I get for buying the event?
– What is Pre-registation?
– Group discounts?
– Military, Fire, EMS discounts?
– Kitchen Crew discounts?

– What food does the game provide?
– Special dietary requirements or allergies?
– Sleeping arrangements?
– Can I have a camp fire?
– Bathrooms or showers on camp?
– Handicap accessibility?

– Safety & Property Waivers
– Photography Release Waivers
– Proof of Identification
– Minimum Age to play
– No Drugs or Alcohol policy
– Service Animal Policy
No griefing/bullying policy
– Mature content restrictions
– Honesty system & cheating
– Repercussions for breaking game policies.

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Ask on the forums or email staff!


What is LARP?
LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. It is a type of interactive game in which the participants portray characters in a fictional world through physical action, often in costume and with props. The GMs (game marshals/staff) create the setting for the fictional world that the characters inhabit and provide the necessary props/cast for the players to interact with that makes the fictional world feel real. The players make their own characters from the game’s online rule book, supply their own personal costumes/props, and react/play their characters as they see fit. 

What is IGE?
IGE stands for Interactive Gaming Environment. It is a form of LARPing but a step up–making the environment much more interactive for the characters and involving them as a player on a whole new level. The goal at Seventh Kingdom is to allow our players the ability to change the game world we have created through their character’s actions. The story of the event and future events is dependent solely on the actions and decisions of the characters, and thus the players drive the story rather than going along for the ride. 

What is a PC & NPC?
A Player Character, or PC for short, is someone who makes their own character and is in control their character’s actions. A PC will make their character from the rules outlined in the online rule book, and will exist within the game’s setting for the full duration of the event. Furthermore, a PC has the power to change the course of the game’s ever evolving story through their actions and decisions. However, PCs must supply there own costumes and props in order to play the game.

A Non-player character, or NPC for short, is someone who plays the monster, quest giver, or background character that makes the game world come to life. These NPCs are given instructions by the Game Marshals (staff) and are assigned characters to play with specific directions. Costumes and props are provided by the staff and NPCs only need wear black clothing to the events. The benefit of being an NPC is that you get to play as many as a dozen different characters throughout the weekend, and since there are usually fewer NPCs than PCs, you will always have something interesting to do. You can read more about being an NPC here.

Do you have required NPC duty?
No, there is no required NPC duty. If you are interested in NPCing, please let us know and we will be more then happy to accommodate you. We always need people who want to NPC all weekend long, along with the few that want to NPC for a few hours. Player Characters (people who paid to PC) that perform an NPC shift receive gold and sometimes other rewards for their service. You can read more about the rewards and benefits of being an NPC

What safety measures do you take to ensure my safety?
The staff of Seventh Kingdom goes out of their way to make things as safe as possible for everyone at the events. When each adventure is set up, player’s safety is a primary concern and the first priority. We also have a First Aid kit on camp throughout the weekend which can be located in the Inn’s kitchen along with staff members who are trained in first aid and CPR. Furthermore, all prop weapons must be inspected every season for safety.

What is your affiliation with the Boy Scouts?
We are Venture Crew 1337. Our staff members are all trained scouts and this allows us to visit scout facilities all over the country. At this present time, we operate mainly in New Jersey.

Where is the game located?
Currently, we are hosting our events at several camps in NJ. During the summer months we will sometimes change camps due to the high demand of camp space. Please check out the Event Info for more information before each event to make sure you are going to the correct camp.

You can find directions to each of our favored camps here.

Who runs this game?
The game is run by a tight-knit group of staff who where each hand-selected for their individual talents. You can find a full listing of the staff here. Furthermore, the staff also have valuable assistants known as Wolfpack who act as staff in their absence. You can find more about the wolfpack members here.

When did this game start?
Seventh Kingdom IGE had a beta test event in June 2009 at Camp Amity Acres. The first official event was in July 2009 at that same camp, and we have considered July our birthday/anniversary month ever since. July 2016 represents our seventh year of steadily running the game.

How do I provide feedback?
For all serious and or private matters, please contact us by email at

For questions about rules and or non serious issues, please ask or comment on the forums.

Can I have Seven K. visit my club/university/convention?
Yes. Please contact us at staff@seventhkingdomige and we will discuss options and availability. Include your name, and any relevant information about your club/university/convention in the email.

What are service points?
Service points are collected by players for donations to the game and assistance at game sanctioned work days (where we build props or costumes). You can find more details about service points in the general rule book, here.

How to check in at event?
The entire process is outlined in the new players section, your first event.

Where do I get a rule book?
The rule book can be found online, where it is updated and
What is the game setting?
– How do I make a character?
– Where can I get a costume?
– What are the costume requirements?
– Where can I get a weapon?
– What are the weapon rules?
– What armor can I use?
– What shield can I use?
– What is build?
– How do I submit a character?
– What is a character history or backstory?
– What is a Kingdom?
– Character limitations?
The e-

Safety & Property waivers
-All players are covered under a mandatory waiver that releases staff and any affiliated scout groups from responsibility for both safety and property. These waivers must be filled out at the start of every new year.

How old do I have to be to play?
-You must be at least 16 years of age to play. We are a mature group and will be doing different adventures that are both physically and mentally demanding. If you are under the age of 18, you’ll need parental signature for the waiver.

Is it okay to come if I have never played before?
  -Yes! We love having new players come to the game. We are more than happy to answer any questions and make you as comfortable as possible.


I don’t have a costume. Where can I get one?
-There are countless places to find costumes. You can either buy pieces from a thrift store or you can go as far as to buy replicas off of the internet. Ebay and garb sites are excellent resources. Staff members will be happy to recommend particularly reputable clothing merchants.You can also find the Links section under Community which will have some of our favorite sites.

How do I make a weapon?
-You can either purchase one online or go to the How To section for a detailed description and pictures on how to make one.

How do I make a character?
  -Seventh Kingdom made it possible for players to make either a very simple or complex character based upon your own preferences. You will select a race, class, kingdom, and profession. It will be rare for any two characters to be exactly alike. Please check out the Character Creation page for more information.


Do you have required clean up duty?
  -Yes and no. We require you to clean up your area and any mess that you have made over the weekend. If you are interested in gaining an extra build or service points, we ask that you take some time on Sunday to help us clean up. When you are done, get a staff member to sign off on your character card.

Where can I find the rulebook?
-You can either find a rulebook at any event or visit the online rulebook that is constantly being updated. Please visit the Online Rulebook for more information.

I have a question about the rules.
  -No problem. If you can’t find your answer in the Online Rulebook you can either e-mail a staff member or post the question on the Forums. Staff members will constantly be checking the Forums.

What are the costume requirements for any race or class?
-There are too many to list here, but you can find them in the Race or Class sections in the Online Rulebook. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail staff or ask on the Forums.


I’d like to pre-register for an event.
  -Wonderful! Please follow the Pre-Register link for more information.

What are the sleeping arrangements?
-If you are curious as to what sleeping arrangements are at each camp, feel free to contact Logistics and we’ll be more then happy to help you out and arrange it so that large groups can experience the game together. Additionally, if you investigate the events page, you should be able to find information about sleeping arrangements.

I am part of a large group and I am interested in coming. Will you make special adventures for us?
-Each group is a case by case basis. We strive to include every player’s character in plot, so there is no reason a large group wouldn’t also be involved.

Will large groups get a discount?
-No. Sadly the game needs money to run and each dollar invested into the game will make the game all that more enjoyable.

What kind of food will be there?
-Food and drinks will be provided throughout the weekend. The feast is included with the original price. For a small fee of $2.00 per serving, you can purchase breakfast, lunch, and other meals during the day. A staff member will constantly be working in the kitchen. You can contact the kitchen about food menus or allergies here.


What if I have special dietary requirements?
-No problem! Be sure to let one of the staff members know as soon as possible so they can discuss options with you and plan the weekend. Email our kitchen crew at

Who may I contact regarding this?
-Feel free to e-mail any of the staff members with suggestions and event feedback. We love to hear from our players! There is also a channel on the Forums, Events, where things can be publicly discussed.

What are the breakdowns of costs?
– You can find all of the price options here.

What does my money get me?
-Included is a weekend of entertainment along with a feast, drinks, and snacks throughout the weekend. If you are interested in buying any other meals such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner that is $2.00 per large serving. Some weekends will also feature unique drinks and meals offered for different prices.

I’d like to have Seventh Kingdom demo at my convention/university/club. Who do I contact?
-You can e-mail the staff at



What are service points?
– You can find all the info about service points here.

How do I earn service points?
-Either through donations, helping out with clean up beyond the normal, NPCing for longer than your NPC shift, or assisting the staff with general errands.

Are latex weapons allowed?
-Yes, but each weapon is permitted on a case by case basis.

Is my weapon legal?
-Every single weapon will be inspected upon sign-in. Please use common sense with each weapon and for more information check out the Weapons section.

Can I drink alcoholic beverages and/or smoke on camp?
-Any alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. We will not tolerate drinking on camp. If you are found drinking, drunk or with bottles or cans during the weekend you will be escorted from camp without a refund. Smoking is prohibited in buildings and most parts of the camp. You can smoke in certain areas of the camp and in both parking lots. We ask that you still clean up after yourself and throw your butts in the trash. If butts are found on the ground, the smoking privilege will be revoked.

We strictly comply with the Boy Scouts of America drug and alcohol policy which clearly bans the use of drugs or alcohol at events on scouting camps.

Can I be banned from the game?

-Seventh Kingdom IGE reserves the right to refuse entry to any person. Staff also reserves the right to ban players and participants. Safety is our first priority and unsafe behavior can lead to bans. Players and participants may be banned for the following reasons (not limited to this list):

  • Endangering the safety of Seventh Kingdom IGE players or staff
  • Disrespecting Seventh Kingdom IGE players and staff
  • Violating game policies, including but not limited to the drug and alcohol policy.
  • Safety violations.
  • Theft of personal or game property.