New Player Resources

Included here are all the resources for new players. If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact staff. We are more then happy to help anyone and our goal is to make sure everyone feels welcomed!

A pirate draws his sword

  • NPCs – We’ve covered all sorts of NPCing shifts and the rewards.
  • Your First Event – The steps each player needs to go through for your first event.
  • What To Bring– A list of items for a Seventh Kingdom event.
  • FAQ – A list including every fact,¬†question and answer pertaining to the Seventh Kingdom game.
  • Parent’s Q&A – If your parent has a question hopefully we’ve answered it here.
  • How To – Check here for some How To’s on weapons, costumes and more!
  • What’s an IGE – Curious as to what IGE stands for and means?