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    Matt Wagner

    Extra Build for NPCing and Clean up:

    With only three events remaining, we recognize that every in-game minute has become extra valuable to our players. However, to fit everything in to these last few moons, staff is going to need some extra assistance. To incentivize a solution, and also give you a little extra build to possibly complete your character, we have made an update to NPC shift and Clean up build. See below.

    • Triple Build for performing an NPC shift (3 build instead of 1)
    • Triple Build for performing Clean up (3 build instead of 1, while staying till the end rewards 6 instead of 2)
    • This is retroactive with April 2019

    July 2019, 10 Year Anniversary, The final event.

    In an effort to make our finale in July the best it can be, the following rules are being applied to that event.

    • Build for July will be granted before the Event instead of afterward
    • Pre-reg will grant extra build and pre-reg will be opened early.
    • There will be no new Player Characters or Alt Characters allowed for the July event. Therefore, any characters that need to be made will be generated at either the May or June 2019 event.
    • NPC Shift Build for July 2019 will be provided at event start, even before your shift.This is an incentive to help and a show of good faith. However, those who sign up for an NPC shift will need to be mindful of their shift start time. When you are done your shift, you will receive a magical boon that will help in the coming battles against the Immortals.
    • Clean up for July will not be awarded with build, although after clean up, some food will be ordered and an informal (and limited to time available) AMA will happen on camp (or in a different location, if desired/needed).

    Matt Wagner -- Game Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE


    Matt Wagner

    Pre-registration is now open for June and July events!

    Matt Wagner -- Game Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE



    How much build does pre-registering for the final event give? how much total build can you accrue in the final event as just a PC?

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    Rules Director

    Pre-registering for the final event grants 3 build.

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