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    Nicholas Gritsipis

    Perth Mercer thought synapses flaring poised to feed on any second. Time slowed limping sinking crawling splitting stop splitting second to none einhander dancing spinning cutting away a fractured past. Joking fighting murdering feasting burning all the sanity away. Kindling honor meat bone blood magic flowing moving between his nails, sleighting his hands back to the edge of his mind. A thought, something cohesive cohesivity? Latch on and don’t flinch at the shock.

    Split again into three his mind is fractured his is me

    Swore an oath of vengeance
    Swore an oath to rise again
    Swore an oath to sunder foes

    Perth Cu Machta honed his rage
    Perth Cu Machta was starving
    Perth Cu Machta was a living weapon

    Perth Cu Machta watched shadows sharpen widen swallow him whole. Perth Cu Machta was reminded of the way ligaments snapped and twisted if pushed correctly. Perth Cu Machta bore the weave of spell and flesh as one and the same. Perth Cu Machta took hold of the common thread in his three minds and wielded them as the stars sown in a sword. His sword. He sword? He was the sword and yet wielded a sword. HE WATCHED THEM ALL. I was the last to fall rise wield become. 

    This was the thought. It repeated in his head. Three screaming echoes until the end of time, fit through one voice into the abyss. He would reclaim his honor and pride. He would feast on the flesh of battle. He would be the weapon that commands magic. This he swore with righteous fury revealing the sword of light in the dark of the spine of his foes marrow bone STOP IT.

    P E A C E

    The stillness of the whirlwinds eye brought about a calm. It prickled my cut and torn mind and brought about with it revelation. To be judgement I could not be the man, nor the blade, nor the dead vengeance. I don’t have to choose. In fact, in order to become death, I must have them all. I must be the weapon forged with not only the metal of revenge, but tempered with honor and cooled in magic.

    Fight forever. Fight forever. Fight forever. I understand.
    Uijt usvmz jt bo foe up bmm uijoht.

    I am The Jagged Shadow, The Ravens Mist, The Blade Dancer, The Spell Sunderer, and the wrecker of your shit.

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