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    I was looking at the ‘Witch-Blade’ which can store a non-ritual, Basic, Bolt or Touch spell inside of it. Some spells don’t have the keywords Bolt or Touch, but they have Melee. Personally, I would have thought that Melee and Touch are synonymous enough to be the same keyword, but at the same time they are NOT the same keyword, so I wanted to be sure. There was also the thought in my head that the Touch keyword is meant to be for Support-type effects and Bolt is meant to be Offensive; therefore, Melee would be like an Offensive Touch?

    An additional question I had after typing this all out: Do spells without the Touch keyword that later unlock Touch effects gain the Touch Keyword? For example, the Gift of Graceful Waters spell (assuming you have Spiritual Bond to store a Complex spell) states:

    Favor of the Spirits skill: If you reach one of your Favored by the end of this count, you may touch them (with a hand or weapon) and say “Heal 10” to regain 10 HP.


    Anyway, the main questions are:

    1. Does the Melee keyword count as the Touch keyword?
    2. Do spells that gain a Touch effect gain the Touch keyword?
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    1. No, it does not.

    2. No, they do not.


    Edit: As you know, Keyword specificity is important. This is why most bonuses to healing specify that they only improve “healing-type” spells… Revive spells are not “healing-type spells”.

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    Ahh gotcha gotcha, I understand. Sorry for the load of questions over the last couple weeks. Most of them are self-explanatory I feel so I feel bad, but sometimes there’s a case like Kayla’s Cry Havoc question where certain phrases or words still exist on the webpages that no longer should exist. So, I wanted to get clarifications in case something I’m explaining to someone is an up-to-date rule or not. Thank you for putting up with my shenanigans though! xD

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