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    Michael Bass

    In the Tier 2 Ability: Even in Death I serve.

    It states, up to 3 people may learn abilities from the retiring character.

    Can it be the same ability taught to several people?

    Does it apply to abilities originally possessed through alternate mean of acquisition? (Soul Gems, Elemental Domain’s Tier 2: Aethyric Secret? Temporary Acquired Erudite skills/abilities granted by beings like answering a Night Lord’s riddle?)

    For Example:

    1. Assuming the recipients qualified to learn these skills/feats having the apprppriate rank in the abilties and room to learn on their character sheet, Blue (don’t get excited people, it’s just an example.) Couldn’t pass on Master Trasmuter (Year Gift) but could he give Master Physic (Trained) to 3 different people or could only one recieve Master Physic and the others things like Blind Fighting and Discipline of the Protector?
    2. Would it be learned as soon as the recipient had the build or would it take more then a month for an erudite.
    3. Could he do so with Master Reasercher (Permanently learned from a soul Soul Gem)?
    4. Could he do so with Evade (Untrained racial feat?)
    5. Could he have done so with Sunder Weapon (Night Lord’s temporary gift for 2 months)?


    Mike B(ringing the hard hitting questions we all want the answers to)

    Main Azure Fumare Renard aka Blue the Contracted Callasine to the Bronzenkranz



    Given the example, I believe he can pass on any of the permanent Erudite abilities/feats/skills he possessed (meaning the first four scenarios are ok, but the 5th is not).  He could also pass on three different skills, or one to three different people.

    Again, this is assuming Blue’s Spirit goes to the soul well for good, and he is not sent home/grabbed by some celestial power/ wanders off in a mushroom induced haze.

    Jason K(eeping up with traditions)

    IG Nayesh
    Alt 1: Darius Torteval
    Alt 2: Garnet Stoneflow
    OOG Jason "Kato" Krips


    Rules Director


    1. He can pass on one Skill/Feat/Spell unto up to three people.
    2. Please see Domain benefit description.
    3. Yes.
    4. Yes.
    5. No. Because he is allowed use of that Feat but he does not actually have it.

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    these will come in Seventh's reign"

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