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    Matt Wagner

    In September, Freehold welcomed the fall spirit, returned the stolen duskwell to the land, and was attacked by the Immortal Lector.

    Tell us what you liked about this event by answering the questions below.
    You will receive up to five service points per question. 

    Questions should require no more than a paragraph to answer. Please write in complete sentences. Short answers that do not answer the question completely will be given less credit when Service points are rewarded. You must have attended the September 2018 event in order to be eligible for this reward.

    1. What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?
    2. What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?
    3. What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?
    4. What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?
    5. What was the most immersive experience for you during the event and why?

    Matt Wagner -- Game Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE


    Albert Smith

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    • What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?
      • I really enjoyed the Vallah/Duskwell combat mods. Both of them. I really enjoyed the play out of the mechanic. I felt the challenge was mechanically clear and kept the experience in theme. I think the NPCs gave an appropriate level challenge in their fighting. It was difficult but it wasn’t overwhelming/impossible.  Overall it didn’t feel like a million things were happening at once and hence our total group could focus better on the main task.
    • What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?
      • Sablemane and the Peace Circle.  There are so many things that are good about this mod and attaching it to something that was important on a larger scale I think helped convince people to participate. I feel like the peace circle has the ability to break down barriers between people. It allows us a chance to see each other more clearly as individual characters and not just our kindgoms or other affiliations. It gave many of us a chance to see the us in each other. It gave us moments to actively support one another and let folks know what we appreciate in each other. It reminds us why we fight for the whole town. For each other.  I feel this mod gave many the ability to confront some of their in game hardships. To put it out there and really process.  On an out of game level it gave s a chance to dig into the roleplay and really flesh out our character experience beyond showing up, fighting the bad guy, surviving, etc. It lends itself to folks being vulnerable which is so important to what we do as LARPers.
    • What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?
      • Bashira. The adept training mod was such a fun silly mod. It was cool seeing her actively doing trickster things to the trainees who owed her collateral. And the adepts progressed in a very important training.  It was a very positive experience all around.
    • What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?
      • Thane Ulrich Jotunbrud mod. I feel this mod encompassed everything. The battle as epic. The roleplay among all that were involved was amazing. That plot twist was heart breaking.  It was a challenging battle but very exciting mod. Extra kudos to Thane Ulrich, Jobert, and Kris for excellent roleplay and battle.
    • What was the most immersive experience for you during the event and why?
      • Vallah at the beach. I showed up late and a lot of things were happening. I just remember at a certain point being completely sucked into the moment. Watching Vallahs focus and emotions shift during the mod until he started losing his temper(which was terrifying).  Listening to Shinning mirror debate brilliantly with Avora(sp). The tension and problem solving from off to the side PCs trying to support shinning mirror and the others. That whole mod site was so silent and focused which was really nice to see.

    In Spirit I trust
    -Azure Heart


    Nicholas Gritsipis

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    What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    My favorite combat encounter was probably the first mote mod. Having to protect my squad as we claimed the motes to bring back made it feel like there was more than just me on the line, and I feel like it made me fight harder and smarter. Even until the very end, having to hold the line while being teleported out by Vallah was frantic and I loved every second of it. Fighting shoulder to shoulder and learning how your squad functioned and how you could help fill the gap was amazing.

    What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    Without a doubt finding the Autumn spirit was my favorite role-play encounter. I might have a bit of a bias, since I enjoy hunting anyway, but tracking down the spirit and hearing her talk about the intricacies of hunting was thrilling to me. Hearing everyone else’s stories about their own hunts was also great, since it let everyone provide a bit of extra lore to their characters. In the end, it set a tone of a darker story to come. You never know who is the one being stalked and who is the one hunting.

    What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    Sablemane. No question. Her whole demeanor is so calming, but the sudden bursts of humor make it all the better. Shes the perfect mix of sassy and wise to make every interaction a fun one. We didn’t have a ton of one on one conversation but between the peace circle and the time before main mod she made me laugh more than once.

    What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    My favorite mod was the Fir’bolg vs Basilisk one.  We all went blind for the entirety of the fight, against an enemy who had some serious stunning power. We couldn’t rely on our sight or skills to win, but we had to rely on each others callouts and sound to find where to go. On on individual level, (being a rogue who couldn’t blind dodge) I could’ve been instantly downed in a single blow, meaning it was even more thrilling to me! The ending was also super ominous and it felt like the basilisk might show up at any moment for the rest of the event.

    What was the most immersive experience for you during the event and why?

    The entire experience of forging my sword felt immersive and complex. It might be a minor thing to anyone else, but spending my hard earned gold on all the essences and hiring the workers to help me was such a rewarding experience when it culminated in my duskwell blade. I loved every second of the rapid search for the essences, especially once I found out someone else was also buying them in competition with me. I felt so proud in battle with it, and it really fit with everything else in how it played out. Perth became Herald Of Autumn, got a sword that is made of the elements of the forest, was giving out flowers, and had restored the order of things through returning the duskwell. It all fit together so perfectly and flowed very nicely.


    Shelby Miller

    What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    The Saturday fight with the Ymir hands down was my favorite fight. Some of us were pulled away from the Maze mod and I had debated on staying but decided I would be better off fighting something instead of trying to guide people through. So happy of my decision. The emotions were so high and the fighting was super fierce.  I enjoyed fighting against so many NPCs and the small talk rp between some of them. It was by far my favorite battle of the whole weekend.

    What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    Right at lay on, Aestrid had arrived to town in order to continue Delphie’s Dyed Woman Training. Instead of the typical fighting that Delphie was used to, she was tasked to do something completely out of her element. Diplomacy. She was informed that there was a dispute over a bridge that involved step sisters from two different clans in Fir Bolg. It was her goal to determine who was to keep the bridge with as little bloodshed as possible. I think with the guiding words of Jack, Devlin, and Nayesh my stubborn elf was able to come up with a compromise between the two without anyone dying. Surprising I know XD It was a fun mod to have Delphie travel into unfamiliar territory.

    What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    Aestrid had been great as she was able to give me insight on her perspective of a dyed woman as well as shared details on what was happening at home. I can’t wait for the next step in her training.

    John Miller Jr. was also a fun NPC to interact with as Delphie first brushed him off as no one during the Violet’s surprise party only to suddenly learn about a ton of things she hadn’t known. The hamster wheel was spinning in her head for sure.

    Also loving yet hating both Lecter and Vella XD.

    What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    I really liked the mod with Kaitlin where we were sent to a Basilisk’s lair to grab the statue. It was a lot of fun roleplaying that we were mostly blind while trying to fighting it. We all began to rely on whatever poor sight we had along with using our ears and friends to complete our goal. Of course a lot of us were bumping into each other and being pretty silly about it but it made it a pretty good mood that had some depth but still had some fun in it.

    Also the Prospero vs. Groundo peep was a pretty fun mod as well. The blowies and pebbles XD

    What was the most immersive experience for you during the event and why?

    I think the Jotunbrud Ymir battle had truly been an in game moment for me. I love the heat of battle and the emotions that can run through someone’s mind. I also felt the emotions of others around me. We really wanted them dead. Especially near the end where Thane’s friend who we had come to save in the end turned against him and had to be killed. Those feels were the sad but the best kind of immersion sometimes.

    I found the Peace circle very immersive as well. Listening to everyone tell a part of them, whether it was regret, fear, or words of encouragement to others. It was nice to see the town come together and really share their experiences and let others know that they are there for them. I felt truly in game here as I was able to provide some of Delphie’s backstory and how her actions till now has made her feel. It was nice to hear everyone else’s input as well. Great Roleplay!

    Delphie Cu Gohrrim~ Dyed Woman ~ Hand of the Enovy of Fir’ Bolg

    Bitch of the Bolg


    Matt DeFelice

    1Favorite combat encounter was definitely the dusk well combat mods, they were complicated and fun. The final duskwell mod in particular was great with the extra rule that only Artemis could pick up drop essences


    My favorite role play encounter was the peace circle and having people entering and exiting regularly and then coming back to tell their stories.


    My favorite npc encounter was bashira and her doing her thing talking to people then wiping yugo’s memory clean lol


    Favorite random encounter was the mud elementals, primarily because the destroyed zanza’s house and and eat weapons lol


    The most immersive thing I did was helping Eirwyn with his party for Violet.  I had to make a poem about Eirwyn’s brave acts, and because it was super dark outside where we held the party i couldn’t read what i wrote. So i began riffing from what i could remember. I got a couple laughs and awhs and eventually bard training lol

    You only live once, die, then proceed to live 6 more times.



    What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    My favorite Combat Encounter this event had to be the Lecter Mod. It gave me an impending sense of dread to be continuously getting healed and downed, just like my first event to so many challenging things. Between Lecter and his Piercing Damage (and me being the rogue to steal Aggro) and the global things happening it made me come back feeling the Dark Days are Upon Us thing full swing.

    What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    Does Garuk (Demetrius’s Character) coming back to town count? It made Squirrel feel a bit better as a character to have his extra fighty brother back by his side (And taking his axe back after I just started having fun with it). But it also gave Squirrel someone to banter with, like after Thane’s Betrayal when Azure’s weapons were broken, and it sparked the hilarious line of “I too know what it’s like to lose a loved one.” (In reference to Azure’s broken weapon.)

    What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    There were so many NPCs that Squirrel interacted with this event. From Fuzz’s Townsfolk NPC (who Squirrel never got the name of) who REALLY liked his sword and wanted to keep it and use it, to interacting with Brother Mercy and realizing how heavy his axe truly is. (One day I will lift it!)

    What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    T’was a warm Saturday Morning, and Squirrel was sleeping peacefully. Till within his dreams things started going “blu blu blu”… after a few hours napping, Squirrel’s eyes popped open to a pair of Tormented Mud Elementals who decided to play him like a pair of drums. And thus Squirrel drank a potion when all was clear… and stomped back to town enraged and murdered things.

    What was the most immersive experience for you during the event and why?

    The Yig Ymir Mod on the Beach. The combat, the banter, the taunts and the chaos. Fighting side by side with Garuk and swinging our weapons to block blows for each other with our weapons sundered and making a mess of the beach. Even if I did get a rogue hit on my throat, I was so INTO THIS MOD that for a minute I was on the verge of screaming about how awesome it was.

    "Everyone just calls me: Squirrel... or Squirrel the Ballista if you're feeling titles!"


    West Schliemann
    What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    Scrapping with Cat’s Wraith at main mod.  I decided to put on some main-mod campiness, land a frost-blade, and go “YIELD. I have dealt you a mighty buffet!”  Gallagher-style, and the laugh remained semi-immersive.  I ended up having to run because I could only throw so much time and HP at a strong shieldsman alone when there are battlefield objectives, but it was a good time.

    What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    Beldar Zodren.  I got to get a bit more cozy with some of the Labyrinth when we united against him.  Taking down Beldar and his guys was a team effort, but having the unique distiction of knocking him into the Soulwell really took the edge off.  Brian really sold the resolute anger of a warrior whose family had been torn up.

    I like selling endgame-Romulus as a man who will punish infighting.  If Midworld is losing children to a supernatural horror, rogue armies calling for vengeance need to be guillotined at the helm- with any rotting skin flayed after.  Some would say – maybe rightly so – that he’s guilty of it himself, but he feels like his actions have been purely retaliatory.

    What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    Hektor Arius – and Lector’s Crew by extension.  Getting to shoot the breeze with him on Friday grounded us a bit in the trying times, and seeing the dramatic payoff with him and Cyrus Saturday night made Lector’s return more poignant.

    What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    Blindweed Mod.  It sounded nigh-impossible when the rules were explained, but it led to a wildly-fun teamwork dynamic.  Travis as the Snapthorn really sold it, and made the story that much better OOG, because nothing paints an image quite like “so that’s how Blindweed worked, but also Travis Wolfe was in there as a plant monster.”  Lastly, of course, going in rogue and just deliberately bashing/healing was a riot- and thanks to the plant monster, I still ended up needing help, which was a great clapback.

    What was the most immersive experience for you during the event and why?

    Landing the Spine Strike on Tythas that led to her initial capture.  I crept out of the treeline, stunned her, and had this moment of clarity like, you’re mine, and there’s about to be Hell to pay.  It was a pretty clean detention- minimal insults to shut off spellcasting, and no excess violence.



    <b>What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?</b>

    The strange librarian on a quest to record the present for future ages. It was a funny/silly mod- or I guess, it was for me. At one point I asked a bandit what it would take for him to leave, and he asked for my shoe. Confused, but willing, I offered it up only for another bandit to snatch it and run away. Eventually got it back, but it hadn’t stopped there. At another point of the mod, 3 bandits agreed to go away if I offered them my shoe again. Naturally, finding a non-combat solution is the way of the Council of Light so I offered it up, and to my surprise they actually left! Call Eirwyn a fool, but trading a shoe for peace is almost no cost at all, right? I mean, at one point I actually lost both shoes and had to go looking for them in the dark stony pathway which hurt a lot, but was overall worth it for the RP and laughs. I was so busy dealing with all that, it didn’t even occur to me, and others later, that the librarian might have been a lore demon. Oops.

    <b>What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?</b>

    I suppose Violet’s surprise party counts as my favorite role-play encounter. I’m a very shy and quiet person when in comes to crowds, and I had to somehow overcome my social anxiety to properly execute the party. It was a bit costly fiscally, and I had SO much help and emotional support from several people, of which I was so thankful for. It was difficult to pull off, but it paid off. While yes, I was excited for Eirwyn’s training to be completed, I was even more thankful for everyone that enjoyed themselves. No one got hurt, had an allergic reaction, etc and it was a fun and relieving time for everyone that wanted to relax after everything.


    <b>What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?</b>

    The farmer and the druggies. I am unsure how it all finished resolving because I got caught up with some other stuff, but it was a hilarious time doing drugs with the “so-called thugs.” Originally the plan was to find a diplomatic solution between the thugs and farmer, but I and some others may or may not have gotten caught up with being silly with snorting bird seeds and whatnot. I died internally after Squirrel and Arabella got away with their loot and their only response was “aww, not the drugs…” So mellow, I loved it!


    <b>What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?</b>

    Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Thor when we were being attacked by Mud Elementals. I really should have known that he’d choose Rock each time, cuz Mud. But, it’s a highlight to me because of its silliness during the fight. Also during the mod, everytime I turned around there was another Mud Elemental ready to chase me. At one point my weapon was stolen like twice. I feel bad cuz I never put up a fight, but Eirwyn is no fighter, haha.


    <b>What was the most immersive experience for you during the event and why?</b>

    Blindroot mod. Specifically being blindfolded. Something about losing your sense of sight causes the world to become much more believable. Might be the reason why I feel so much more immersed during night hours and when there’s decor all around. An additional benefit to the mod was the immediate collaboration to feel the need to work together. It was a little chaotic due to the numerous voices and being unsure who was speaking to whom, but we worked around that by calling out names and everything ended up working out alright. The funniest moment was when someone hit Travis (the snapthorn) with a fear effect, knowing full well the minimal effects and his witty response was a less than enthusiastic “ah..” followed by his returning to where he was standing.

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