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    You need to have a character that has been created on-site and introduced into Freehold during an event.

    The Forum’s focus is on dialogue, interaction and introspection. It is a place of creativity but the primary action of Seventh Kingdom IGE happens during the events.

    — To that end, no skills, feats, abilities, item abilities or similar effects may be used. No killing or deadly, competitive combat between player characters. Combat in the forums (if it happens) is purely for aesthetics or for “scenery”.

    If there are any questions or comments with regard to these rules, please email staff@seventhkingdomige.com. These rules are a combination of the forum rules created during the first iteration of the website and additional rulings based on observed PC practices.

    –When posting, be mindful of what your character actually has and what they actually are. Don’t give your character abilities or resources that they would not have. If you have any questions about the resources you have, please send your inquiries to the Staff email.

    Similarly, don’t write for other player characters without direct permission. Respect the other forum posters, role-play is cooperative storytelling, not competitive. If someone posts a Closed thread, don’t post in it without being invited.

    You may post for minor NPCs, such as, teamsters, horses, etc, within reasonable amount. However, these cohorts or hirelings cannot affect the world at large — such is the arena of the on-site events. For playing characters beyond the norm or for grey areas, please send your inquiries to the Staff email.

    What do I do in the Forums? Here are some common activities in the forum
    — impart in-game information to other characters
    — reflect upon recent events
    — meditate or instigate your own personal development
    — engage in a forum with others, speaking one’s opinion/perspective about a specific topic
    — learn about other characters, locations and items of interest
    — work in-game on the skills/feats/spells that you learned in a previous event.

    World-specific rules:
    — Freehold is one of several frontier towns unclaimed by any and all Kingdoms. There are other locales within Freehold but the primary are Annie’s Inn, the Business District and the Library.

    — The Hinterlands is a no-mans land officially owned by no one that exists outside of Freehold and its laws. It is largely uncharted and strange things exist in its most remote areas. The Soulwell is in the Hinterlands as are the plots of several dozen frontier farmers.

    — The only exit out of Freehold currently is Port Dawson, 3-4 days by horse to the east via a road cleared by the Solari (the trip used to take a week). The Hinterlands is far too dangerous to cross, too vast to tame and too politically dangerous to claim. Some claim that the very land resists order, just as it remains impossible to map.

    — You may choose go out of Freehold to different Kingdoms, but most Kingdoms are suspicious of visitors and “tourists”. Entry to them is very difficult without a guide or an official. Thus, such excursions are not the norm. If such an incursion is done, be mindful of local attitudes or even physical/magical obstacles; the society page is a good place to start. Callas Selvarion, for example, is veiled by deadly magic. Similarly, Kenrei is surrounded by a wasteland that kills almost everyone that passes through it — thus the only port of entry is the Four Winds City, which is usually that most that outsiders may see. Because it is a ruin now, entry and exit from the Obsidian Kingdom is incredibly difficult.

    "The End to War, the End to Pain,
    these will come in Seventh's reign"

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