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    Carly Braff

    Tranquil approached the clearing in the woods and could see the run-down house up ahead. The old stone house had definitely seen better days. The roof had collapsed and some of the walls were crumbling. She had made sure to leave the note for Delphie and the others in Wyrd-spiel this time with a map of how to get to the house they had been talking about for a few moons now. As the gnome waited for others to find their way she started muttering a list of all the work they would need to do to fix this place up as she circled the building.

    “First thing is to replace that roof and fix the wall, then a complete remodel of the inside. Tables, chairs, couches, beds. Maybe some mandalas…”

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    Shelby Miller

    Delphie Cu Gohrrim had been thankful she brought a particular large bottle of some liquor she grabbed from Ichabod’s shop for her trip. Using the directions that Tranquil finally provided her in a language she could actually understand, it didn’t take her that much time to find the area. As she approached the house if you could call it that, she merely stopped in her tracks taking in the sight. The once perhaps quaint house had been long since abandoned and left to whither into nature’s hands. The structure had taken a beating to the elements and without an owner’s care it crumbled in places. The place was clearly unlivable without some serious remodeling.

    The blonde couldn’t reach the bottle of booze fast enough from her bag she carried with her as she stared at the property. The warrior didn’t say anything even when she saw the familiar Ixia gnome come into view as she seemed to be inspecting the property. The wild elf just took guzzle after gulp of the drink as she realized how much work was going to be needed to make the place resemble anything less that a pile of stone. Finally the prideful elf spoke, after finishing a quarter of the bottle. Her tone as feisty as ever as her hands moved to her hips which was common to see when the arman was annoyed.

    “What. the. absolute. fuck!” Her accent sliced into each word rather then cradle as the Fir’ Bolg elf walked closer. Delphie dropped everything she had been carried except for the holster on her back that held her axes and the bottle as she walked next to Tranquil. “Damn this is gonna be a shit ton of work, I hope there’s gonna be help… seriously….fuck” Delphie stared with a muttered curse under her breath.

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