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    My name is Paul & I am a possible new player from NYC. I am a veteran larper at another larp called Knight Realms. I am thinking of switching things up and trying a new game. I do have a few questions.

    1. Do you have any players that come from the NYC area or no? I wish to see about carpooling/ridesharing before I consider renting a car to drive down to an event.

    2. How does “part-time playing” work? If I do come down via a rental, I would need to leave the game to return it to the agency Saturday evening, as it’s closed on Sundays & I am busy on Mondays. So would it be possible for me to come down Friday, play then leave the game Saturday afternoon/early evening?

    3. What kind of arrows are allowed by your game?

    4. What kind of foam padding is needed to cover bows?


    Rules Director


    1. We do have some players coming from the NYC area! I’ll leave it to them to answer here — if you have access to Facebook, I highly recommend going to our event page for the Seventh Kingdom IGE May 2017 event  and looking for fellow commuters there.

    2. You are free to come and go at your own whim. All we ask is patience if you are coming in during a busy time and to leave all props owned by the game with the game. If you choose to leave early, simply leave with us your character sheet and the plastic bag (character bag) with any in-game currency and components and Seventh Kingdom property.

    3. Archery in Seventh Kingdom IGE is packet archery, a decision made by the Staff during the game’s inception for safety reasons.

    4. Foam padding for bows follows the same rules as those for melee weapons. More information can be found here:


    Furthermore, feel free to ask for any character creation help from the Staff email (Staff@seventhkingdomige.com) or from the other Players. If possible, send your character “build” between events so that we can prepare a character sheet for you ahead of time! In fact, if you send this info at least a week before event, your characters gets a temporary boost to their maximum Hit Points!

    "The End to War, the End to Pain,
    these will come in Seventh's reign"



    Thank you for the quick reply back. Due to the timing of your event & that I am in the middle of still writing out a possible character history & getting a new costume made, I will not be able to join you all this weekend. Hopefully I will be able to join you all next event.

    I will need to speak with someone about how your starting character generation goes as well as the impact on the “kingdom background”.



    I am going through the rulebook and character generation. If I have this right… a character uses build points to buy a skill or feat. Once purchased, that ability can be used a number of times a day, depending on how many Spirit Points (or SP) the character has (to a cap/limit of 10). So if an ability costs 1 SP, & the character has 5 SP, she can use it 5 times. Once all the SP is used, the character must somehow get more SP by either item, potion, or performing a “short rest” action. The “short rest action” is taking 10 minutes of not doing anything to regain all their SP. Is this correct? No matter how many SP you are trying to recover, the time is the same?

    When you choose your class/profession, you get a number of skills/feats for free starting out, correct?

    Is there someone who I can talk to about the “The Corpse-Kingdom of Gotterdammerung”? I have some flavor text questions about this place.


    Hi Paul my name is Jack , and I’m one of the Wolfpack member at Seventh Kingdom. I can help you with questions on Gotterdamerung lore.




    Thank you for your reply. For the kingdom of Gotterdamerung, I see it recently was an “evil” of at least, a theocracy based heavily on a “Death” god.

    Was all of the Nobility clerical/faith based? I am interested in knowing who certain members of society were. Did they have “judges” or people of near Noble rank, but not actually nobles? Did the “court” or “justice system” use “inquisitors” to handle cases?

    How are names handled? Would a common name of that region sound Dutch/German? French? Italian? Are surnames common or rare?

    Gender roles… were men & women equal?

    Did the kingdom use a lot of Necromancy in its workings? Did they field armies of undead? What is the kingdom’s current outlook?


    1 The kingdom is based on theocracy. They follow The Lord Reaper a god that believes in honoring the balance between life and death, readying ones self for final judgement by living a righteous and pious life, and bringing heretics to justice. So the Death god isn’t inherently good or evil as death is just an accepted part of life in the kingdom.

    2 The “nobility” are called Kriegers. There are currently three Kriegers or Houses. Each one is like a Lord or Duke and protects their lands. All follow the King Priest Siegfried Gotthammer. The three Kriegers represent sorcery, merchants, and warriors at there core. You can find more about them under the power groups on the Gotterdamerung kingdom page. In matters of Justice all laws come from the King Priests mouth and are accepted as the word of The Lord Reaper. It is up to the Kriegers to protect their lands. Inquisitors of the clergy are sometimes used to find heretics.

    3 Names are of German and/or Egyptian descent. Surnames are based on what Krieger you’re from or if you are a commoner it’s less used.

    4. Men and women are viewed equally

    5. Necromancy is highly respected in the use of healing and combating undead. The raising or use of undead is outlawed or frowned upon depending on the extent of use.




    Thank you for the response.

    How long ago did Gotthammer take the throne & perform his purge?


    Sigfried Gotthammer took the throne in the 1980’s WR so about  30-40 years ago. Also I misspoke before. There are more than 3 Kriegers but there are 3 large Kriegers and then much smaller ones. Apologies for the mix up



    Thank you for the reply. The time table helps as the overthrow does play into the character backstory.

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