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    Dean Howell
    <p dir=”ltr”>The trip to Port Dawson seemed shorter then normal. Presumably it was extra company added to his usual entourage. More likely it was the fact that his companions had all aquired The Writhing Curse and were simply trying to outrun it.</p>

    <p dir=”ltr”>Whatever the case, they arrived at the port town and just as quickly, Jack had gotten to work. Exchanging money, having goods moved, and signing documents flowed together like a practiced stage play. Once satisfied Jack turned and smiled.</p>

    <p dir=”ltr”>”To our first time visitors, welcome to Fortune’s Fate. To the rest, welcome home”</p>

    <p dir=”ltr”>Jack opened his arms to present the ship behind him. A well kept brig with a hull of dark wood and filigree that might have been called subtle if that was ever the point.</p>

    <p dir=”ltr”>”Come. Let’s take some time to settle in before we set sail.”</p>

    Hand to The Envoy of Fir'Bolg, Captain of Fortune's Fate, Master Merchant of The Gilded Albatross, Master of Medicine, Prince of Peace, Ally to All, and Handsome by popular vote.

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