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    Bill Brush

    Really excited for my first event! A few questions about the combat side of things.

    1. Is melee combat more free flow or is it turn based? I hope more free flow than the latter. Some, of the things I’m reading in the form involve saying things like Piercing damage “1”! Etc. seems a bit confusing to me as a new comer. Does this mean I will have to keep track of my own hit points while in combat?

    2. I’m making my own weapons. I’ve scanned over your rules regarding how to make them. I’ve also watched a YouTube video on how to make a boffer spear.
    I hope this will meet up to your standards? I’ll wrap the padded parts and handle in cloth as well. And it won’t be longer than 72′ inches(falling under pole arm classification). But it also says that spears can be no longer than 48′? That doesn’t sound like a spear at all? More like an extremely short spear.

    3. I wanted to make a single javelin to be carried on my person as well. To be thrown in combat. It would be designed exactly like the spear but only 2/3 in size. Will this be allowed?

    Bill Brush

    Aka. William Barefields


    West Schliemann

    Hey Bill! Welcome aboard!


    1. You’re in luck there! It’s more free-flow. The damage/effects in the rulebook are called mid-swing or mid-throw whether or not you connect. It sounds peculiar, but it’s a great way to get a lot of information and flavor out at once, and it only takes a few hours (if that) to get used to.


    1b. Yes, we do keep track of our own HP during combat. It’s an honor system, and as long as you’re responsive and keep a good-faith estimate that you’re ready to low-ball if you lose track of, you’ll be fine.


    2. What you’re describing sounds safe to me, but I can’t say for certain.


    2b. As for spears: yes, that’s more for short spears. Most spears at 7K fall in the much longer pole-arm category (which is strictly two-handed for safety and playability reasons).


    3. Sadly, thrown weapons cap out very small at this game and many others, also for safety.


    Bill Brush

    Thanks for the quick response West!

    So if I use two-hands on my spear in will be classified as a pole arm(spear) and in that case will be permitted?

    Finally, how short(in inches) will my javelin have to be in order to be allowed?

    Thanks again!


    Jessica Banis

    Hello Bill!


    We’re excited to see you too and thank you for your interest in Seventh Kingdom IGE!


    Please review the information previously sent via email by our Rules Director for your first question.


    1. In regard to any weapon that you are are making yourself, we recommend clicking here: and reviewing the information. This will include the generally accepted materials, weapon lengths, and step by step instructions on how to make a weapon to our game’s specification.


    Please note, any Staff, Polearm, or Spear type weapon must have the entire length of the pipe covered in pipe foam.  This allows any portion of the weapon to be used in combat. While swords and other weapons may have exposed pipe for a handle, these areas cannot be used in combat. If you wish to have a longer weapon, but still have a handle, we kindly suggest looking at Great Weapons (such as Great Swords, Hammers or Axes). The tips are made of softer, couch cushion type, foam.  Keep in mind the total length of the weapon includes any blades, hammers, etc. (for a Polearm) and must stay within the maximum length requirements.


    1. As for Thrown Weapons, they cannot contain any type of core and are subject to the size requirements listed here:


    Additionally, please be aware that all weapons are subject to a visual/physical inspection during the check in process and we cannot guarantee any weapon will pass inspection.  We sincerely apologize as we are unable to make exceptions.


    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at

    Jessica "Fuzz" Banis
    Prop Master

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