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    I was curious if you can combine multiple set bonuses at all, and if you can do they have to be different or can you have multiple sets of the same type?

    The only pieces of info I could find are:

    What is a Set Bonus?
    Set Bonuses are Properties that only activate if the Wearer has every area of his body protected by that specific type of Armor. These Properties deactivate if the Wearer violates the condition above and removes a piece of that Armor type.

    Multiple layers of armor
    If a character wishes to wear multiple layers of armor, he receives the full AP benefit of the best type. Then he receives half the benefit of the proceeding armor type (the only that gives the second-best protection). If a third layer of armor is worn, a character recieves only a quarter of the benefit of that armor. E.G: If the resplendent Don Julio is wearing a Breastplate and a Chainmail shirt. He receives the full benefit of the Breastplate (10) and only half of the Chainmail round down (3). Should the gracious general of grace decide to wear a Breastplate and a soft leather jerkin, he receives 10 AP from the Breastplate and 1 (2.5/2=1.25 rounded down) from the jerkin.
    My question specifically is: if I am wearing 2 full sets of Rune-Forged Armor, do I gain “1 basic ritual spell affecting you (your choice when it is cast) does not count against your personal limit on latent effects.” twice?
    Similarly but not completely; would I be able to toss on, say, a full set of Shadow-Web Armor and gain “This armor is considered to have the Ishtari Shadow-weave augmentation.” in addition to the Rune-Forged Armor worn atop each piece?

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    You can have multiple set bonuses from armor. However, doing so is immensely impractical from a physical IRL point of view because of the amount of clothing and armor you may have to wear, which can be uncomfortable in the winter months and deadly in the summer months.


    In the same way that you cannot play a painted character unless you fulfill the necessary phys-rep requirements, you cannot gain the bonuses of an item’s properties if you are not wearing or wielding that item (depending on said item). This is regardless of the IRL weather and is the reason why Spell armor effects are relatively competitive to worn armor effects, even if the latter is easier to replenish.



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