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    James Mattia

    Moving in

    Cindrax finished setting out his newly acquired hides and furs. His inventory was growing nicely as his shop was getting more established. A new sign prominently displayed among the frost covered chests and bulky trunks, it stood out compared to the shabby crude display that was it’s former.
    His Witchblade rested propped up against one of the trunks resting at the base of the blade was a lumpy bag, several oil flasks and filled vials seen poking out of the closed leather flap.

    Shortly after laying out his furs Cindrax grabbed a slab of “beef” from the ice chest and proceeded to cook it on his portable fireplace. The meat hissed as it came in contact with the iron. “Good meat, good trade, good drink, shame these freefolk are so poorly equipped.” Cindrax said to himself as he started salivating over his marinated steak.

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