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    Dean Howell

    Is there a quick refrence to the major merchant guilds across midworld and what they specialize in?


    I’ve been trying to do research but some kingdom lore only references merchantile prowess and implies focus, where as I’m looking7 for hard data.

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    West Schliemann

    Sadly, not on this site! I think you could find some interest and value in compiling one, though.


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    Not every major  guild in Midworld will have a representative in Freehold. Similarly, some Power Groups do not support the concept of trade and guilds per se. However, several guilds have made their mark on the town and have made semi-regular appearances.

    Of most activity in recent memory are the Bronzenkranz, the Red Scales and the Gilded Albatross (see: Rumors August 2017)

    From May 2014’s rumors, another list was written, although some of it may not be as accurate.

    The Bronzenkranz of Gotterdammerung remain the foremost in the crafting of arms and armor. They are under the control of Krieger Nibelung, which is closely related to Siegfried Gotthammer.

    The Gilded Albatross of the Riverfolk possess esoteric and exotic items and ciphers as well as sole control of the Wandering Market. The Gilded Albatross is also the only source of the rare Prismatic Component.

    The Iron Kingdom sponsors not one guild but several: foremost of them is Golemic Advancements, purveyor of cutting edge elemental devices and volatile elemental weaponry. Trustworth Securities was in charge of repairing Annie’s Inn while the Three Mountains Guild focuses on the shipping of Travaki goods.

    The Red Scales of the Labyrinthium serve as the League’s representative in Freehold, offering items that range from the rare to the illicit. They also offer loans at a “low interest rate”, but require the drawing of the debtor’s blood.

    The Wave-striders of the Jotunbrud involve themselves in the shipping and conscription of soldiers and mercenaries. They are also said to be involved in the movement and sale of precious relics and valuable artifacts.

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