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    Below are the menu items, possible allergens, and estimated serving times for Seventh Kingdom May 2018 event. All meals excluding Feast cost $2. Please read to evaluate if kitchen meals are in line with personal dietary restrictions. Plan alternatives if necessary. Menu subject to change. Vegetarian options available. Kitchen management, while making reasonable effort, is not responsible for missed meals.
    Kitchen Closed
    Friday Morning (ETA: 10:30)
    Bagel Bar
    Possible Allergens: Wheat, dairy
    Friday Lunch (ETA 3pm)
    El Scorcho BBQ
    Friday Night Dinner ( ETA: 11pm, After Lay-on)
    Spaghetti Dinner and Salad
    Possible Allergens: Wheat, dairy, tomatoes
    Saturday Breakfast (ETA: 10:30am)
    French Toast Casserole
    Possible Allergens: Wheat, dairy, eggs
    Saturday Lunch (ETA: 3pm)
    Possible Allergens: Turkey, wheat, tomatoes, lime
    Saturday Feast (ETA: 11pm, After Main-Mod)
    Pork Shoulder, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables
    Possible allergens: Carrots
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