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    Matt Wagner


    We hope you enjoyed the event. The game staff found it exceptionally challenging with the added day in the schedule, and we hope that it was able to live up to your expectations nonetheless. It is all possible because of our wonderful players, and we wish to thank you for your continued support. 100 events and still counting!

    This month saw the defeat of the Court of Shadows at the hands of Freehold, along with the release of Tenebrous.

    Tell us what you liked about this event by answering the questions below.
    You will receive up to five service points per question. 

    Questions should require no more than a paragraph to answer. Please write in complete sentences. Short answers that do not answer the question completely will be given less credit when Service points are rewarded. You must have attended the May 2018 event in order to be eligible for this reward.

    1. What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?
    2. What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?
    3. What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?
    4. What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    THIS SVP OFFER EXPIRES ON 6-6-2018 at 12am.

    Matt Wagner -- Game Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE


    Maria Paleologo
    1. What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    Because I can’t say ‘Tenebrous’ for every answer, I’ll go with the Court of Shadows main mod. It was so satisfying to finally get to take them down completely after a year of dealing with them. While chllenging in the weather conditions, I loved the yarn-trap challenge. It was a heart pounding build up to such an important battle. We needed to go fast to help the Justicar, but needed to be wary so we wouldn’t trip one of the traps. Along with the literal last minute save ensuring that the Court was GONE and not just quelled was supurb.

    1. What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    The farmers that worshipped Yuki were my favorite. Giving them money and intercecpting when people tried to tell the truth about “Yuki” to them. I loved getting to layer on the charisma without having to throw any mechanics around to get my voice heard. Plus West going “clarify; hinterlands sign language. Mal what’s your game here?!” There’s something cathartic about baffling even West Schliemen.

    Also my Master Trader training, gouging that poor sell sword so bad. And getting to laugh about it like the mafiosos we are with Lily the Dime.

    <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?</span>

    Tenebrous, Tenebrous, Tenebrous. I’m still giddy from all the roleplay, and it’s been several days at this point. With out going into too many gushing details, I feel like this was the first moment I truly embraced the ‘yes and’ mentlity. All I have to see is how long can keep this game going along with keeping my head.

    4. My favorite random mod was probably the Ne’erdowell mod. Running around the hinterlands in the rain acting goofy and imitating the creatures was great. And a nice break from the seriousness of the month. Plus the 40 gold pay out was also aporeciated.

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    1. What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?
      My personal favorite was 1st Main Mod. When the Justicar showed up and started fighting- meanwhile I, and some others, were still trying to get through the traps set a sense of urgency that if we didn’t hurry up, we were going to be fighting at a weaker force than we already lost to the trap alone. LOVE seeing combats with mechanics/objectives!
    2. What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?
      I want to say the Council of Light mode where Eirwyn, Delphie, Constantine, and Aurathiel (Sorry if I’m a bad speller guys!) had entered the spooky vault seeking their masks. Although there was combat present, I felt it was much more of a role-play oriented mod due to the teamwork and exploration aspects. I felt so bad that we took so long since I was the one that couldn’t keep the numbers straight in my head. Thankfully I made up for it with Skulduggery. <3 The props, the setting, the npc’s… everything came together as a fantastic horror scene! I know Shelby and I couldn’t stop screaming! But, once we got Constantine in charge of commands, Aurathiel watching the back, Eirwyn watching the front, and Delphie assisting Constantine for clues we moved from the novice phase of the puzzle to the learning and eventually got a game plan going. Bravo and genuine thanks to you all for that entire experience!

      Additionally, Brad, Mike, and I had set up for their characters’ returns washing up at Freehold/Hinterland’s beach and although it was very short, it was neat to kind of make a small mod for people to partake in. Unfortunately for our timing, Council of Light stuff had begun around that time so I had to bolt.

    3. What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?
      Eirwyn didn’t speak very long to Tatsumaki Jin Ru, but was glad to have talked him down from fighting Yuki-Tenebrous in the middle of town. There’s always next time. He had spoken a lot about Kenrei Lore and piqued my character’s interest to do some research on the kingdom between moons. (My way of giving Eirwyn the info I studied when I was originally planning to bring a Kenrei in. <3) But, I hope to see more of him! I was impressed to see a nobleman of Kenrei swallow his pride in the face of the enemy.
    4. What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?
      LOVED the battle with Brother Ark invading the town. Firstly, mass combats around the town during daylight hours seem to always be a blast for one reason or another. xD I lost my shit when Ark attacked someone with his Back-Spinal-Things. I focused chasing down Ark with others, so I wasn’t too sure what else we were fighting at the time.

      Oh. Also the spice. OH MY GOD THE SPICE. So, I LOVE spice, but oh my GOD was that a roller coaster.

      ALSO ALSO. Still unsure of the specific details of Yuki-Tenebrous(?) But, whoever it was that Nana played, she was phenomenal! Literally walked into town like she owned the place and we watched like ‘Yup. You own the place. No problem.’ Haha. And at the end of 2nd Main Mod when I tried to Waylay her and she dominated me like ‘Carve your eyes out.’ and I surprised myself with how fast I responded with: ‘Huh, that sounds like a great idea!’ Dying in-game but out-of-game laughing my ass off.

    Ahhh, there was just so so much, I can’t condense it all! <3


    Shelby Miller

    What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    My favorite Combat during event would have to be both main mods for Friday and Saturday.

    Friday’s main mod I was a bit bummed at first when I realized that Delphie wasn’t going to be there to take down the X and Dimitri as I chose to NPC that night. However, I found myself thoroughly enjoying fighting as a pack-bound assassin against Freehold. It felt great working with all the npcs that I’m usually fight against. What can I say, it felt good to be bad XD. I enjoyed giggling creepily through the mod and dying XD.

    Saturday’s mod to keep the wards up while Tenebrous and their forces was also wonderful. There were so many enemies and with Tenebrous master dominating Freefolk to help her cause made it that much more difficult. The only time Delphie keeps her comebacks and insults to herself, Tenebrous cuts out her tongue XD

    Both were wonderful <3

    What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    The interaction with the Solari had been very informative and interesting. Each player had a different reaction to their arrival with news that King Baelor was alive. I loved how uneasy they made people feel, especially me. I really don’t like them.

    I also like all the time and effort many Freefolk had put in with calm Delphie down when she wanted to kill Arcana for tearing her arm off to protect Stormbringer. It allowed her to realize the how practical it was and she eventually calmed down and learned from it. Slowly she is getting better.

    Another favorite Roleplay moment would have to be the discussion with Aestrid Mac Drustan before and after my first part of the Dyed Men trials. It was good to catch up with Kingdom information as well as get her opinion on the situation

    What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    As much as I hate to say it, Tenebrous was such an amazing NPC this event. The presence of her could command the attention in the room. Literally. The rp was on point and I loved seeing different people being controlled by Tenebrous. Such a troublemaker that immortal is.

    Props to X for the 20 minute ritual without any stumbles while Freefolk was going through the maze before Friday Main mod. I couldn’t do that.

    I can’t name everyone since there were so many NPCs during this event and they all were great.

    Being able to NPC for Friday during this event, it allowed me to peek behind the curtain and see all the work that is put into each mod. Staff, wolfpack, full-time NPCs, and volunteers deserve a pat on the back this event for putting in the time and dealing with the weather during this long event. Ya’ll are the Bombdotcom.

    and yes, I named all my NPCs cause I’m lame like that XD

    What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    So that Council of Light mod…..

    That was super terrifying and difficult. If there’s one thing I learn about myself during that mod, it’s that I’m definitely not a puzzle person. Overall I think we did…okay during it. Eirywn did all the screaming clearly (lie. I did all the screaming). It was different from the usual fighting mods and it kept us on our toes. I like how staff finds way to bring in the newer characters and players into the bigger picture. I hope everyone enjoyed my reaction XD.

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    Albert Smith
    1. <h4 style=”text-align: left;”>What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?</h4>

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My favorite combat encounter was the battle with the Collector Golem on the way to meet Tenebrus. It felt so much like a video game boss battle with the consistently shifting mechanics but it wasn’t so crazy that the experience was overwhelming. I enjoy Matt Wagner as a boss in general because his fighting is immersive and he knows how to power balance against folks in a fight. I also don’t feel he dropped character the entire time and his transition clarify’s were very clear.</p>

    1. <h4>What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?</h4>

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I really enjoyed getting to roleplay with Vallah. It was very relieving for Azure to have had the chance to be part of saving his creator from destruction. It was wonderful listening to Vallah disclose all of the ancient information from back in his time.  Azure’s one on one with Vallah was meaningful to him and helpful in pushing him forward on his journey.  Kris’s portrayal of Vallah was genuine and organic. He gave Azure a lot to process.</p>

    1. <h4>What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?</h4>

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Experiencing Tenebrus(s). The initial shift from Yuki to Tenebrus was so complete it was breathtaking/terrifying. Tenebrus in Rinna’s body did not feel like a completely different character even though it was played by a different npc entirely. I thought this was brilliant. When Tenebrus entered in for main mod and 4 people spoke in unison it was such a powerful representation of the character and I legit was out of game excited for the battle.  Tenebrus probably had the most impact on me over the course of the weekend.</p>

    1. <h4>What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so</h4>

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m just going to say main mod . . .both of them.
    Main mod 1 had that really intense start to it with the trap maze we had to get through.  I thought that was such a cool idea. It would have probably been more fun if it wasn’t so wet and gross but a wonderful idea overall. I appreciate the amount of effort I assume that took to accomplish. It was worth it. Once we were in the actual cathedral itself it was really cool to have a giant demon x with a big booming voice at the altar. I enjoyed the boss mechanic of dropping the barrier to allow for a power shot. The whole battle felt as much cinematic as it did like a video game boss battle.

    Tenebrus was such a wonderful pain in the entirety of main mod. It was cool not only getting to pop my year gift and pretty much use it to it full potential but I also enjoy the chance to roleplay because of the Tenebrus dominate. It was a very scary mod but also fun overall.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>

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