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    The ‘Religion’ section of the Kingdom states:

    Special Note: Licensed Diabolists from Kali-Ishtar must draw their power from the True Vault. Precede the word “True” in any incantation where the Vault is mentioned.

    Upon further inquiry I’ve found that the licensing is granted by the Trinity Temple, Koil-Avesti, or the Kshatriya? I haven’t read too in-depth of these forces, but I have a a new player coming in October that has read through the History and stuff. But, it seems that being Licensed doesn’t necessarily mean anything outside of being able to use magic legally, as opposed to being an “Apostate” and practicing magic without a license. That being said, my question is:


    Does being a licensed diabolist have other perks outside of adding the word ‘true’ to their incantations? (Of course, besides being able to legally use magic and other weapons within reason.) For example, my friend is interested in the “Graft of the Wolf Demon (forgotten lore)” located in the Diablerie Spell List. Would being licensed allow him access to study this graft? Or does he have to research it as a Scholar? Furthermore, would being licensed allow him to be able to possess illegal items such as death/demonic components without being persecuted?


    Maria Paleologo

    Hey Jordan,

    I used to play an Ishtari character (Priestess Katyusha Agni of the Koil-Avesti), so I’ll try to clarify some of that for you.

    Being a Licensed Diabolist would only grant your friend some extra boons if they proved an asset to the kingdom and worthy of the resources. In Kali-Ishtar, Diabolists are considered priests, so your friend would be able to call themself a priest with actually being of the class. It would attain them the rank of Ashurai, the highest caste, and make them higher ranking than Pariah, Vashu, and Kashatriya. He would be able to to contact the kingdom for any information they might have of that graft, but as it is a forgotten lore there is some extra steps usually attached to learning it (See: Contacting his demonic patron Gilgorin to gain more information and bartering for it).

    Also the legality of demonics and deaths is a purely Freehold law, and as such a station within another kingdom would not protect him from it. He would need to gain a pardon from the Brotherhood for that, but currently no PC has that anymore due to the desolving of the Cabal.

    I hope that helped!

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    It is as Maria said. Affiliation with the Trinity Temple would not help in any of the above mentioned scenarios.

    Furthermore, Forgotten Grafts are not easily given — it requires extreme luck and/or pursuit to be granted  or to find training in a forgotten Graft (since its inner workings are unknown to almost everyone including the local library/normal research methods). Suffice to say, mere affiliation in a group will not grant it. Player Characters interested in such Grafts must learn to gain high favor from certain in-game entities and groups to get such secrets.

    The Ishtari religion is also very restrictive and demanding. To be part of them requires much from those who would play characters from them. Even if they were to grant specialized secrets and training, it would be only after a Player Character had proved their loyalty and their competence to the organization more than a few times during on-site play.


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