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    Erica Nilsen

    Sorry to post here but that forum is being super grumpy with me at the moment. It won’t let me post!

    What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?
    All of them? But Lady Akasha…? The wife of the first Pendrakken king, either way she is played by Catherine R., and she plays her character well and consistently. Howl is happy to talk about many things with her since she does not remember too much of her mortal life and she gave her alcohol! Also another great interaction was with Lord Summer, other than the anniversary it’s the second thing Howl/ I look forward to the most in 7th K. Albert S. is always a pleasure to be around so for him to perform a second time is awesome as he knows to play up the passion and heat of summer.

    What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?
    THE TONGUE!!!! Like it was random, goofy, silly, and awe striking! I was attracted to come closer but then it was throwing piercings so, no thanks! Really it was the whole story and situation that just made it so good. Also for once Freehold remained organized, so good job PCs.

    What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?
    The swampy one, for once Howl felt like a hero and contributor to the town folk. It was an awesome test of skill and stamina. Also it was tricky in that you wanted to participate at great risk, immediate death for the sake of adventure? Perhaps, and worth it as I had a chance to throw the rope over to the other guys. Top 5 proud moments in LARP life!

    What was the most immersive in-game moment of the weekend for you?
    Lord Summer. Albert helped bring me to actual tears, the second time to happen ever, because Howl is emotionally wrapped up in Summer. It was the season she became part of the Freeholders, it is a season of hope for her, and a drive for her to keep going. The fireworks were great and as always Al was a charmer.

    Bonus- Who is your greatest PC ally in Freehold? How about NPC? Why?
    It’s sad actually, so many of Howl’s friends happened to leave game for good or they are very infrequent. At the moment it is Corlla (Dom), Maoich (Al), and Krow (but Krow is leaving for Florida 🙁 soonish), perhaps they might help her with her goals. Her NPC ‘ally’ would be Iolite Bloodstone as played by Scoot P. (Thor) because he was the first to help bring about real emotional immersion during the one mod they were reunited last year. God what great RPing with him, one of several best memories here.

    Thanks for a great event guys, cannot wait for more!!!!

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