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    Kris Corcoran

    As was mentioned, staff will be conducting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Sunday of July Event.  This AMA will be open to all players who stay to help us clean up Sunday morning.

    We understand that after 10 years of running this game, there are still some unanswered questions.

    Please feel free to post on this topic with questions you would like to ask.  This will give us more time to formulate answers for you.  As well as give you the ability to bounce ideas off each other.

    Please note this AMA will not be geared to answer questions about personal plot or what happens to your character. 

    Also, we will try to answer as many questions as we can, however, we may not be able to answer all questions.

    Kris Corcoran - Environmental Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE


    West Schliemann

    Here are the ones from my Google doc. They’re in order of priority, starting with the ones I think the most people would like answers to:

    -So, there were thoughts that Fang-Zhara was Vasha Bladebreaker – and I still think she was Drakas.  Some th-ink the Immortals were certain gods, and I had an inkling that Balgas of Gotterdammerung may have been Nihilus.  Besides the presumed true names of the Immortals, were any specific gods are historical figures named in the Lore actually just Immortals in disguise?

    -What were the gods’ names?

    -What came before the gods?

    -What were some of the brighter timelines we could’ve gotten to? Some of the darker ones?

    -Alexius Pendrakken and Tybalt Vard seem to have been villains before their association with Fang-Zhara.  I feel like they were working with Primus before she bit it. Is that true? And, if not, what would they have been up to before that?

    -Did Primus genuinely think Nihilus could not be defeated so long as any thought of him existed, or was that just some hand-spun bullshit to keep other people from remembering him?

    -In Ishtari Lore: what the hell was the Gilgorin?

    -What caste was Prophet-Matriarch Medeshka from before she was the PM?

    -What were you expecting the PCs to do about Tybalt Vard?



    On both a mechanical and conceptual level, what was the original vision for 7K? Did you reach that vision? What were some ideas that were cool in concept but difficult, if not impossible, to execute?

    Is King Baelor actually the true incarnation (I may have the term confused) of the unsmiling one? Similarly, is Ulrich the true incarnation of Lucca?



    Was it ever possible to be able to make a weapon or armor augment permanent?

    Yugo Feng
    Pendrakken Adept
    Winter Mystic


    Enzo Velletum

    What /actually/ happened to the Aethyric Blood Dagger?

    Seeking the truth, behind the lies.


    Matt Wagner

    @troy. A wyrdic cipher called “runic sealing” was dropped in-game when the golden book was decoded. Through use of mercurium, you could mane an augmentation permanent. No idea who ended up with it.

    Matt Wagner -- Game Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE

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