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    Kris Corcoran

    This moon, Fang-zhara, Tenebrous and Portia attempted to rain down immortal terror and destruction upon Freehold. With the help of unlikely allies and much deliberation, Freehold decided to stand against this onslaught. In the last moments of the battle, the final blow was delivered as a blinding flash engulfed freehold.

    Tell us what you liked about this event by answering the questions below.
    You will receive up to five service points per question. 

    Questions should require no more than a paragraph to answer. Please write in complete sentences. Short answers that do not answer the question completely will be given less credit when Service points are rewarded. You must have attended the July 2018 event in order to be eligible for this reward.

    1. What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?
    2. What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?
    3. What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?
    4. What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    Kris Corcoran - Environmental Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE


    Matt DeFelice

    Favorite combat mod was definitely when Fang Zara and tenebrous attacked freehold together and messed us up

    Favorite RP encounter was when i got to talk to tenebrous and portia regarding their deals

    My favorite npc sesion was with kritek and his ritual, i died because of bad team building but dying ny first time in battle was fun RP

    My favorite mod was when we went to retrieve the sword of six dragons, it was difficult and the killing waves added an extra obstacle

    You only live once, die, then proceed to live 6 more times.


    Shelby Miller

    1              What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    My favorite combat was the sword of six dragons mod on Saturday night. That was pretty crazy! It was a challenging mod to say the least, especially with the different ways to defeat the dragons that we had to figure out on the spot. The shadow wave concept was very frightening and I think we all did a pretty good job trying to keep each other alive. Overall loved the concept, the strategy, and difficulty of this mod. Especially happy that we were able to get the weapon away from Tenebrous. I also hate Knockback so much!

    The Kritek Blood Ritual  also proved to be a very enjoyable and surprisingly difficult mod as well. I liked being able to watch each group fight and I believe having a life on the line was motivation for people to take the combat serious.

     2              What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    My favorite roleplay, oh boy. I would say it would have to be after main mod when a particular backstory moment occurred with Delphie finally finding out who the Cazadora was. It was the one objective that brought her into Freehold and I had not been expecting the reveal whatsoever. I  was truly immersed in my character and letting out all different emotions during it, especially the dark feels. But those tears though XD.

    I also enjoyed the rp and decision making that went into prepping for the immortals to come into town. I believe this had been one of the most intense and on edge moments this event as everyone had taken it very seriously. Sitting around the table while every kingdom gave their vote to Brother Mars had made me feel super in character and on edge for the outcome of what plan we would go with.


     3              What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    Some many Immortal visits this month. It was great to see as well as hear everyone’s interactions with them. Each one had their own different presence but all have such a controling nature that you can’t ignore them. I hope we will get to see all of them at one time (ehhhh maybe not, I feel like we would be so screwed if we did).

    Jack O’Knives (Sp?) gets a special shout out during the sword mod as I truly thought he was working against us. When he was brought down by an enemy and I told people not to heal him as telling them he was sabotaging us, he made me eat my words. Pretty much he took me down and told others not to heal me in return and pretty much told me off. Man, he did not like the Delphie sass.


    4              What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    So one of the mods I surprisingly enjoyed was the Vallah extremists that had started to set off bombs on farmland on Friday. For one, the extremists had been so funny to listen to but really had Delphie trying to take a nonviolent approach to everything. The farmer had been yelling at all the Freefolk to just deal with them yet Delphie tried her best to talk down the Vallah supporters as well as the Farmer. In the end the bomb had went off and killed some of the supporters and destroyed the farm.

    I had pretty much forgotten about this until the next day the same farmer had come into town and was pissed. I remember Devlin telling Delphie that not everyone viewed the Freefolk as heroes. Listening to the farmer tear Delpie out about how her farm had been destroyed and it was their fault had really brought Devlin’s words into perspective. Despite what I said about the immortals and trying to explain the situation calmly, I couldn’t console the farmer and all Delphie could only leave money to her farmer friend in hopes it would help. It was a very enjoyable mod regardless and I learned a lot from this.

    Delphie Cu Gohrrim~ Dyed Woman ~ Hand of the Enovy of Fir’ Bolg

    Bitch of the Bolg



    [Not sure where my original post went? I edited a spelling mistake and it disappeared. xD Good thing I copied everything I typed before submitting!]

    What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    Definitely Main Mod. I hear a lot of groans at the ‘defend the point’ concept, but I personally love it. Adds a whole other dynamic to the game. Personally, I’d like to see the points be around at all times to add a sense of urgency to the game. I remember when we still had the Refinery and had done roaming guard shifts to protect it and other parts of Freehold, although I do understand that things change with different camps. Still, it gives us the opportunity to practice a new form of combat where instead of us waltzing in to our enemies’ domain, they come into ours. It also means that those of us that picked up defensive traits such as Warding Spells and Traps have a use for PVE.

    Going to speak specifics of Main Mod, the variety of enemies and enemy tactics was amazing! It really put in merit for those that paid attention to enemy weaknesses and formation. It meant that we couldn’t just try to bulldoze/overwhelm enemies with just mere numbers, we had to this strategy in the heat of battle. Overall, I feel that the combat taught us a lesson as players and characters. We have the tools we need to win, but we aren’t using them efficiently. At least, that’s my perspective. Everyone’s is different based on time and place, but for me, I enjoyed the challenge and getting our butts kicked for once! Defeat is a necessity to gain wisdom after all!

    Also, I internally laughed my ass off when I swung assassinates at Joben and he just shrugged them all off! I hope no one took Eirwyn dropping his daggers as me rage quitting, Eirwyn literally nearly shat his pants- the coward he is! Haha!

    What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    I want to clump the meeting with all Immortals into one wholesome encounter. I wanted to drop dead laughing at Tenebrous sniffling and saying “no one has ever asked me that before!” It would have been so touching if she hadn’t force Eirwyn to carve his eyes out several times a couple moons ago, haha!

    I missed most of the Portia, Primus(wasn’t sure if he arrived, but I heard he did?), and Vallah meeting due to other things, but I thought it was really interesting that Fang-Zhara mentioned possibly starting her own nation and maybe even joining the treaty. I mean, ultimately we hadn’t taken her up on her offer cuz reasons, but it was still a very interesting proposition. If the price wasn’t so high, I wonder if the majority of freehold would actually consider it?

    I think the biggest highlight of the event for me, RP-wise, WAS just that: possibly adding new nations to the treaty; Solari, Fang-Zhara. Who know who or what else might become a new option! I’m not too familiar with the Diplomacy of the Kingdoms, but we DID lose Kenrei. Maybe it’s time we add a new kingdom to the list? It’d be interesting if that unlocked new races for the game as well!

    What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    All of them.

    Haha, but seriously, it’s true! Everyone was enjoyable and amazing! I hate making general statements and stuff, but if I went into specifics, this post would be enormous! I kinda want to shout out to Wags though cuz I imagine it takes a lot of energy to play Lord Prospero and I’m sure he was exhausted from being venom spat on as Brother Mars for like  whole hour!


    What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    Soccer. Can I say soccer? Soccer. It’s soccer! I mean, I totally suck at it cuz I can’t aim my shoe properly- or have any sense of power with my kick, but it was hilarious and fun! I think the funniest part of that mod was at one point I got downed behind the soccer goal and bled out into my 2nd death count. I was 80 seconds into my 2nd death count when someone noticed me and revived me. Well, I mean, some people noticed before but had asked “If he dies, we win right?” Which I couldn’t help but laugh at. I mean, could you imagine losing a life to soccer?

    Oh- oh wait. Does my reverse-pickpocketing ducks into people’s pockets with a duck-clip count as a random encounter? If so, that too! So happy staff approved and everyone had fun with it! <3 Kelas was particularly vigilant of not getting Ducked. When I ducked Devlin my arm broke. Tried Ducking Ulrich, but Georgio’s character (I’m sorry! I dunno his name! :<) noticed and thought I was stealing from him and kicked me outta the inn. It was all marvelous! ;P

    Also booping random people and their gear with googly eyes. ;P

    Ahh, so much so much. It’s always a grand time! <3



    (1) What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    Sword Mod! I finally got to experience chain lightning, which is something I heard about a while ago and its really cool! Even the living bomb mechanic, and the wave of shadows were awesome. Eventually we had to work together to hit each enemy with a hazard that another enemy started, which is one of the few instances of teamwork I’ve seen in Freehold. I think it was really funny that some enemies were only swinging knockbacks just to screw with us, and seeing everybody (myself included) trying to scramble to get to the tarps was a great added element. It really didn’t feel like any previous mod I’ve been a part of, and I appreciate that.


    (2) What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    The conversation with the Kingpriest about whether or not to give him the Sword of the Six Dragons. I was already on edge about Tenebrous in general, then he shows up, and i’m officially shook. No one could tell if it was the real Kingpriest, and if it was it would benefit the town greatly, so I had to make sure, but there really was no way, that is, until he exploded in the inn. But his points as to why he should’ve gotten the sword were string, and I had a great time with it OOG. 10/10 would converse again.


    (3) What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    There were a few. Kingpriest was first, but ive already said my peice about that. Jack of Knives was cool, just seeing his transformation and also making sure he know I was worthy of being an immortal weapon bearer. The town talk with Brother Mars about what each Kingdom wants to do about our land, and the slight bit of validation I got when he acknowledged me as “Kenrei’s Vote” even if it was immediately voted down by the town. Lastly, when I walked around the corner and Jinru saw me for the first time after I got the Sword of the Six Dragons, his expression of happiness was all I needed.


    (4) What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    Kritek’s Ritual. We actually has to split into groups and attempt to fight as small units, which I loved. 75% of us passed, which I consider a win! Its cool that Kritek had mercy upon us as a unit because no one died unless everyone died, so we really had a chance to come back and that made the fighting more inclusive. Even though i’m sure there were some people who didn’t even use the buff, I’m glad people came out to help other who were more likely to use it. It would’ve sucked if every single person died to get that buff.

    Yugo Feng
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