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    Matt Wagner

    During check in at the January 2019 event, Seventh Kingdom will be having a “roll for glory” promotion. To participate, the PC rolls a single one hundred side die and is awarded a prize from a table of a hundred different prizes. Prices include gold, components, latent effect buffs, and in rare cases even a free bonus point of build. There are no negatives (or debuffs) to rolling for glory.

    If you purchased the December 2018 event credit before January 1st, you will receive a bonus second roll for glory during check in at the January event. This free bonus roll must be redeemed before March 31st.

    Disclaimer- to perform a roll for glory at the Jan 2018 event, you must have purchased and attended the January event as a Player Character. NPCs and buy backs are not eligible for this promotion.

    Matt Wagner -- Game Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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