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    Someone I’m inviting was interesting in playing something like a priest of¬†Cthulhu? But, to my knowledge that doesn’t exist in this realm, so I was curious is there was a God or something similar to¬†Cthulhu. If not, that’s fine too. It was only one of his ideas.


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    The Riverfolk god of Death Bat-Hala and the Labyrinthium god of Death, Rhelyeh, are similar to Lovecraft’s Cthulu. Of the two, Rhelyeh is more similar since he actually seeks the end of the world and the revels in death. Based on their Mythos, all the gods of the Vigil (the Inthian Gods) are doomsday deities that seek to bring about the world’s end — those who follow them are to be spared or given a powerful form in the world afterward.

    Bat-Hala is a god of death and knowledge and his Priests are not crazed doomsday seekers but quiet collectors of knowledge and overseers of funerary rites.

    "The End to War, the End to Pain,
    these will come in Seventh's reign"

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