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    Fred Hirsch

    He sat on his porch, alchemy stick dangling from his mouth.  He looked at the bag he had found buried near one of his weapons caches on the border of the Hinterlands.  The Pendrakken symbol on it was pretty recognizable.  That some one adorned the shield that  had been given to him.


    There were clothes, and several dozen scrolls. Making sure no one was around, he dug into his pouch and pulled out reading glasses.  Some things even a restore could not fix it seems.  Unrolling one, he recognized the handwriting as he expected to.  It was a letter.  Not too long. Pretty much to the point.  He rerolled it and grabbed another.  He repeated this process until he knew where they went. He went inside and put the bag on a shelf.  They would keep for a while.


    He’d had to leave the Inn.  The air was getting too heavy for his old lungs.  The stench of death and decay around Freehold was starting to affect him every day.  The negativity of the  people didn’t help.  He watched  as they squabbled on a regular basis.


    The new barrier was not a welcome sight.  He’d tried to get through it, and it was .. unpleasant.  It didn’t work.  He shot several arrows but it was inconclusive on if they had just disintegrated or one through.  He dug down a few feet, but that didn’t help either.


    He sat there, whiskey mule in hand.  Sipping his  whiskey, he wondered what had happened Saturday night.  He knew someone would come around soon.  It was better to wait than go looking for more trouble.  He grabbed a whetstone and one of the daggers he had dug up. He figured he would sharpen his  weapons while waiting.

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    Megan Kendall

    Not Flowers had spent far too long poking and prodding the barrier after Orin had disappeared. Hours were spent looking with all her eyes and by the time she’d quit, her palms were numb.

    Now on the move, Lily knew she needed to direct her fury. People were already getting stir crazy, sounds were bothersome and when she thought silence had found her it started.

    Scrape. Scrape. Scrape.

    She could almost hear whoever it was flip the blade before starting again.

    It was Godfrey. Of course it was. What better way to make her appear than through annoyance? As Flowers approached his cabin she started to shake her head. They both knew why they were there; he was waiting patiently for her.

    “Are you damn sure you wanna hear this?” She walked up and sat in the empty chair. “We are beyond fucked.”

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