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    James Mattia

    My poor English skills are kicking in again and has some questions.

    Witch crown spells combined with favor of the spirits this can be cast on other people that participate with the ritual. I got that part!

    When it comes to the level of spirit (assuming I’m level 6 for this scenario and my favored are level 10) is it a tier 2 for everyone involved? Or is it t2 for me and t3 for everyone else and they go crazy and kill everyone?

    Is it tiered by the components sacrificed? Like can you use a basic for the tier one effect even if you’re level 10?

    Thank you for your time!


    James Mattia

    Additional ritual question

    Can you have more than one sanctum spell in the same location provided all physreps are met?


    Rules Director


    Re: Crown spells

    You may choose to use a higher tier (and pay components accordingly) than you or your targets are capable of — however, doing so results in the spirits going berserk within their hosts as described in the spell. The Tier of the Crown spell used may not exceed the spellcaster’s level OR the target’s level, if you do not want the result above happening. This means that if you are capable of Tier 2 but not Tier 3, using Tier 3 essentially means wasting your components.

    Take note that some Crowns simply have the spirits leave their hosts instead of going berserk. In either case, the components used are wasted.


    Re: Sanctum spells

    You may put as many Sanctum spells (or similar spells) in an area provided that there are sufficient latent slots used, the required phys-reps are provided and none of them are identical.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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