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    I recall a long time ago I was told that Whirlwind attacks and effects can be defended with Parry/Block/Dodge/Evade, but I was also told that only effects that defend properly against the effect can be used; like the Storm-borne ability of Bright Witch to use Whirlwind Knockback 10 after a 2s Channel, can only be defended against with Evade or Break Force?

    Since I’ve only just returned last month, I’m not sure what the most recent ruling is and I don’t know where to locate such a ruling online. I couldn’t find it in the ‘Crowd Control’, ‘Defending in Combat’, ‘Damage Types’, but I may have just missed it somewhere obvious.


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    Defending against Whirlwind attacks can be done with Parry, Block, etc. The only times that there are exceptions is when the attack is a “Master” effect or a “Piercing” effect. The former cannot be defended against with any Feat, Skill or Spell. The latter requires a Dodge or an Evade.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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