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    Matt Wagner

    MAY 18th 2018 – CAMP AMITY ACRES – 100th EVENT
    Serving time Friday afternoon at 2pm.

    If you are willing to cook or provide food for this event and you want to earn a reward, you must contact staff in advanced. Email us at and inform staff what you are bringing or are prepared to make. If you commit to bringing something and are unable, you must alert staff before Pre-reg closes on May 17th at 7pm, or risk forfeiting build/svps.

    Our theme is BBQ, so any provided food or materials should fit this theme. Burgers. Hot dogs. Ribs. Corn on the cob. Potato salad. etc. Additionally, chili is welcome (Scorcho decrees it so).

    The kitchen (and its staff) are not available to aid in this endeavor (with materials or otherwise), so all cooking will be limited to grills on camp, grills you provide, or campfires. This also includes materials used for serving or preparation. If you bring plates, cups, or utensils, they will also be rewarded as noted below.

    We only have one fridge available for keeping this food cold, so be prepared to find alternative methods of keeping perishables chilled – this fridge is first come first serve.

    Food will be served at the rarely used pavilion across from the trade district pavilion, where Scorcho will prepare a makeshift throne.

    Important notice:
    All participants are required to follow the “basics for handling food safely”, and should maintain a clean cooking environment. Staff reserves the right to block food from being served if these guidelines are not upheld. However, staff is not responsible for food borne illness that may be incurred at this event.


    • Triple service points for all food related items (requires receipt and rsvp as outlined above).
    • Double service points for all utensils, plates, bowls, etc.
    • Anyone who brings an item or collection of items greater than 25$ will receive Scorcho’s blessing.
    • Cooks will be further rewarded by Scorcho, depending on their level of commitment, presentation, and skill.

    Note from the staff:
    If you enjoying cooking, this is a chance to get a big chunk of service points and potentially big in-game rewards for showing off your talents and efforts. It also takes some of the pressure off of the kitchen crew, allowing them some more time to enjoy the other aspects of the game.

    Matt Wagner -- Game Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE

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