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    *It was dark and cold.  A spiteful bitter cold.  Nayesh had been waiting to hear how bad it was.  When the messenger finally came, he gave the man a large tip, a bowl of hot beans, and a mug of coffee before allowing him to get to his other deliveries.  As the man ate, Nayesh was already a flurry of activity.  Tables were cleared, the Icons that had been on display for the New Year’s celebration were stashed away.  There was shouting to Lissette and the others to start piling blankets and clothes, the Champion was told to set patrol routes to look for survivors from all kingdoms and get them to their respective Envoys (Devlin, William, and Penelope or Jade in her absence).  If the messengers were here, that meant the first refuges might be there any minute.  When the “troops” were set in motion, Nayesh went out to make sure the banner was on display and well placed.  As he did he gave himself a full minute, just one, to cry.  He wept for the Kingpriest, he wept for his people, and he wept for those in the other kingdoms.  After that, his Masque dropped back into place.  He was the Envoy.  His letters had been sent, hopefully his position would remain his.  His former Hand had travelled back with instructions.  The cambion prayed that enough groundwork had been laid.  He also hoped that Eisenwulf and Niebelung could keep it peaceful enough to hold an election like should be done.   After the banner was set and his moment taken, he went to his personal belongings and put two drinks in his pockets, and a spare pair of gloves and warm socks in his pouch.  It was going to be a long winter indeed*

    IG Nayesh
    Alt 1: Darius Torteval
    Alt 2: Garnet Stoneflow
    OOG Jason "Kato" Krips

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