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    Matt Wagner

    The heroes of Freehold have accomplished a great feat this moon- the Immortal Morrath has been defeated by turning him back into Vallah, who is now in Brotherhood custody.

    Tell us what you liked about this event by answering the questions below.
    You will receive up to five service points per question. 

    Questions should require no more than a paragraph to answer. Please write in complete sentences. Short answers that do not answer the question completely will be given less credit when Service points are rewarded. You must have attended the April 2018 event in order to be eligible for this reward.

    1. What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?
    2. What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?
    3. What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?
    4. What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    THIS SVP OFFER EXPIRES ON 5-1-2018 at 12am.

    Matt Wagner -- Game Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE


    1. Favorite combat encounter: There were two! One was really challenging and I was pretty certain it would end badly but somehow I made it. Violet’s built around supporting other people in combat, so whenever that changes it makes me really unsure. But I didn’t fail, huzzah! The second was Saturday afternoon, fighting wolves and a tall Dusken Vale guy on the beach. The PCs were a different group than I’m used to fighting with, so trying to figure out how to handle that was neat. And I kept redirecting the fire bolts the Dusken Vale guy was throwing at the wolves. 🙂 (Also main mod. Counter-fly!)
    2. Favorite role-play encounter: Prrrobably when November Rayne came in. That… that was not a great situation. Maybe the first two weren’t “good” guys, but Violet’s not okay with November’s new plan. That’s not vengeance; that’s revenge. Plus she feels guilty about things coming to this situation. Oh November.
    3. Enjoyable NPC interactions: Vallah. He’s been the most… open? Direct? Helpful? of the Immortals that Violet has met. And him asking immediately about Arcturus had feelings being felt. It seems like he’s trying to help Freehold to do …something… even at his own expense. If pressed, Violet would say he’s the Immortal she likes the most.
    4. Most enjoyable mod or random encounter: The first combat encounter I mentioned. (Plus the fact that I managed to not fail my spot check multiple times! I have actually missed seeing bright red flowers in a field of snow before, so being able to find hidden things is always exciting. 🙂 )

    Violet Rayne! Savior of Midworld, Breaker of Winds, Slammer of Doors, and Knower of Things.


    Maria Paleologo
    1. What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

      It’s hard to say my favorite combat encounter this event, though I guess it has to go to when I was NPCing for a mod for Violet and Blue as well as my Master of Madness training. My reason being that I don’t often get to dual people, of my own making seeing as I usually play castors or role-play focused characters. It was a nice personal challenge to have to one on one fight people who are more accustomed to actually fighting. They were definitely fun for me, and incredibly memorable.

    2. What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

      Papa Tia. It was so fun seeing everyone acting drunk off their asses, and bringing out what “incredibly drunk” looks like on their characters. Also having to sit through the serious scene of Bashira and her sister while drunk off out asses and listening to Papa Tia heckling was amazingly silly in the midst of a rather serious topic of a month.

    3. What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

      I loved interacting with Ruby and Tuesday. Ruby was great from a perspective of one rich girl to another. I love being able to flex that muscle of Malindra’s so publicly. Tuesday was great to use my unnecessary photographic memory to recite his directions back to him (50ft into the Hinterlands, find the tree that looks like a dinosaur, find the dinosaur that looks like a tree, turn left, right, left, right, left, right, left, find the red bush and the blue bush, leave a note on the red bush).

    4. What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

      I gotta give props to the wanderings on Friday night. I loved roving in as a Morathi wolf, howling and pack dynamics. It was great fun, and I really think it set the mood for the month really well.

    "When you have three, you have three. When you have two, you have two. When you have one, you have none." Night wisp riddle


    Matt DeFelice
    1. Favor enemy encounter was definitely when i helped Eirwyn jump into the soulwells to fight a soul taker wraith. The entire group went in expecting to fail and lose a life since we were missing 2 out of the 6 people that could have helped out. We succeeded if the fight and afterwards group some apples joking about getting the one apple that kills you… I ended uo getting it lol🤣
    2. My favorite roleplay encounter was when devlin and a large group of plople joined together to “help” delphie get over her fear of water. There were water balloons and knock backs into the lake on a hot spring day it was awesome!
    3. Mt favorite NPC encounter was when a character from my backstory suddenly showed uo in town and was very ticked at my character. Out of game i was extremely surprised this happened and it made my day since i made my characters history up really quickly, i fumbled around in the discussion and kept character as best as i could and loved every moment of it.
    4. Favorite mod was definitely main mod, getting backstabbed by serpentkin and various ofther enemies was difficult and really exciting.

    You only live once, die, then proceed to live 6 more times.


    Daniel Wenteler

    My favorite combat encounter was the Council of Light mod Saturday evening. The fact that Keelas asked for my assistance even though he fully knows what I am and what I do was an awesome interaction. It was also one of the first mods where I saw traps being actively used during it. To be rewarded at the end of that fight by having radiant light blow up the demons was wonderful. As thanks to the Orrey and my graft I got to also explode with the demons in the process.

    My favorite roleplay was totally when Devlin asked me to help him with Delphies training. Dropping dozens of water balloons then using up all my spirit points to keep people in the water during that hot event was wonderful. I am super glad to have been able to help her conquer her fear of water.

    Aemon Mac Nemain was the highlight of my event. I had a opportunity during the event to sit down privately with her and anwser various questions she had about my beliefs. It’s not often I get to role-play the scholarly mature side of Seamus often but this was a perfect scenario to do so. The fact she wanted to talk more after being ‘bugged’ by other freefolk made it even more special.

    My favorite mod had to have been the friday night mod, going to the power pool (I forget it’s name). To do research on how it effected the power of our immortal frenemy Vallen. Being allowed to actually use research in the middle of a mod like that is something I enjoy very much and always hope for more of them.

    Seamus O'Leary of the Bog O'Leary of the Clan O'Leary of the family O'Leary of the name O'Leary, Dyed-man of King Baelor and Demon of the Bog


    Shelby Miller

    What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    My favorite combat is the fight with Dimitri at Dawn. Several players were by the smoker’s area cooling down from the previous battle. All the sudden Dimitri comes walking up with a bunch his crew all nonchalantly. At this point some of us are standing and ready to scatter and/or fight. His only words were “Don’t run”. At first we all stopped in our tracks until Sir William got taken down. This was the first time ever Delphie used her flee the scene with Razz and Eirwyn in which we circled around the Inn to get back to William.

    That battle had been surprising and extremely difficult as we continued to get overrun by assassins who were particularly fond of killing blows and William who suddenly got up and started to help Dimitri. I got to use my fake blood making me a happy girl XD

    I also loved the CoL mod we went on, also known as line mod. Despite how long the mod was, the mood was light with everyone and I think we all had a sense of humor during it. There were sooooo many traps!


    What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    I enjoyed the Stormbringer trials with Lai Shalama a lot. It was pretty terrifying to get up to even speak with her but also listening to others cantor about themselves on the worst deeds and best things they’ve done had been interesting to learn. It was interesting to bring out some of Delphie’s thoughts and her now changing feelings of her own Clan as well as express how she hopes to change. Now I’m happy to be have been chosen to wield such a cool weapon.


    What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    Jade as always is a top NPC fav of mine as she’s there to interact with players while in between mods. Loved talking to Aemon who continued to show up during the event. I think many of us had a lot of fun showing her around town, though I think she needs to keep away from all the apples. I also enjoyed learning more about clan Nemain and Gohrrim’s alliance with them.

    Shout out to Gru was also a complete beast in battle! He was super hard to take down.

    What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    Delphie’s spurn death training by the lake. Delphie’s inability to read and write as well as fear of water were her major flaws. Learning to overcome her fear of water with help from her Envoy and Freefolk meant a lot as this was something that was setting her dyed woman training back. It made it that much more fun that it was using 100 water balloons and forcing her in the lake by balloons, knock backs, or fear. It was a hot day and to be able to cool Delphie’s hot head down was so worth getting drenched XD Thanks all that helped, I looked like a drowned cat by the end of it XD

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    The Sun shines fair on Fir' Bolg wall.
    And she would marry a Gohrrim Knight,
    For Love is still the lord of all.

    Delphie Cu Gohrrim~ Wild Elf ~ Fir' Bolg


    Vinny D’Arco
    • My favorite combat encounter had to of been the Jotunbrud mod. Being lured into an ambush and then attacked was something I didn’t expect. Having most of the group there and all the clashing ideals between us was interesting to see on the battlefield. Having the enemy explicitly killing blow us definitely has set the tone for what’s to come.
    • My favorite roleplay encounter must of been when Vallah came into the inn late after main mod. I don’t know if it was because we were all tired or his presence demanded respect or both but we were all silent when he spoke. Seeing him collared and calm gives me hope that if another Immortal decides to cause a rukus we as a town can do something about it.
    • The Npcs I enjoyed interacting with the most had to of been the Yig-ymir. All of the yelling between the two groups made for quite a fight. I always like talking on the battlefield especially with a group I know stuff about to make the quips personal.
    • My favorite mod was main mod for sure. The music mixed with the smoke from the portal mixed with the savagery of Morthas forms was amazing. I really like dominates and a global master dominate was more than I could ever want, fighting with Freefolk is the best since most of the time it’s with words because of the treaty. Also I made out with a ton of loot 😀

    West Schliemann
    1. What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

      My sparring match with Michael took the cake because of the einhander learnin’ & calorie burnin’, but let’s talk PvE for some real feedback.

      The Jotunbrud mod.  There was a subtle, but (I thought) really intense social game before the carnage.  I got to take initiative and rally the non-Jotunbrud Freefolk to roll in on the Chainers, and it was a dangerous fight even then. Cat’s Berserker was particularly compelling.

      And that ending between Sister Fox and Jarl Tyr?  Oh my god. “It’s not valid because Sigwyn didn’t sign it.”  This riot of glee just shoved me into uproarious laughter- partly at Tyr, and partly at the realization that Sigwyn kept that shit going for almost two decades.

    2. What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

      Like Vinny, I’ve gotta say Vallah in the inn.  That was some tight dramatic payoff, and finished with scary exposition. The upbeat take from Flowers highlighting the fact that they mentioned taking him to ‘medical’ only sweetened it. The PCs had a nice little moment of reprieve afterward where our faith in mortals was partially restored by the BH making sure Vallah was accommodated.

    3. What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

      Picking up on Tythas being a witch at main mod earned me a priceless reaction from her before she disappeared on us.  Beyond that, Brother Wisk and Vallah stuck out with cerebral takes on the immediate plot.

      Jinru Yuki
      really resonated with me, too.  I wish I didn’t miss the first part of final mod, but her coming back and touching on some deep lore got me part-way to the same fix.

    4. What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

      The Friday night climax.  The Dusk well was neat, but the real sells were the aeshtetics and raw brutality. First of all, Morrath was tough as the dire bear/hound/wolf. An escape ability to swap forms was a classy design coice- I wish I’d asked for it in a YG. Snake-Morrath was even tougher- he swung as hard as his predecessor, but the lack of stilts meant more mobility.

      And then the Shadow Court right after that? That night-into-day definitely left me satisfied/healthily burnt-out. I had to hydrate mid-mod, and I blew more 1/Ms on that than I did on main mod. Sir William being compromised was definitely a game-changer.

      The RP that followed seemed like A+ content-pushing for the folks that were more invested in Shadows as a character.


    Erica Nilsen

    What was your favorite combat encounter this event? Why?

    Hmm.  Unfortunately my combat skills were really sluggish this event and I was so disappointed I started my gym regime that Monday.  I was not in many combat situations, but I suppose the main mod was cool given the costuming and the situation.  For me I just have a tough time seeing in the fog and I was not feeling super confident.  Sorry I couldn’t give a better answer.

    What was your favorite role-play encounter this event? Why?

    Oh man, I have two!  Giving Delphi her bravery training was so awesome and it was cool that everyone had a chance to participate.  Also for the fact me and another character dumped the remaining water on her, NFL style!  It was overall involved, planning was well done, and a nice cooling event.
    The second was Kayla’s egg hunt.  I was paranoid the entire time, that someone was going to waylay me and steal my basic.  So Howl swallowed the golden egg and other eggs.  Back at the pavilion she asked Kelas to hit her in the stomach to throw them up.  It was gross.  Then the fact Kayla put so much effort into adding little clarifiers in each egg (clarify: upon opening this egg, a tumble weed rolls by OR clarify: jazz music plays from this egg upon opening).  She clearly spent a lot of time and effort into this and everyone had a great laugh.  WE WERE SWARMED BY BEES IN THE GRAND PRIZE EGG!
    Also Sword Guy was fun fighting because Howl popped her year gift on him, she could not get past his defense and he could not get past my shield.  Good fighter!

    What NPCs did you enjoy interacting with the most? How so?

    I honestly, in and out of game, didn’t know who these characters were, but the mod outside the inn with all the drinking was hilarious.  The tension and the anti- climax!  I noticed there was another character who was the peanut gallery and I thought a melee fight was going to break out.  Sadly it did not, but the whole mod was well acted and was very funny.

    What mod or random encounter did you enjoy the most? How so?

    My favorite mod was the Lei Shehlama (SheLama? Shalama?) because of the physical and psychological difficulty of it.  PCs worked together to figure out the best way to throw each other and it was fun splattering on the ground!  For me, I was feeling very accomplished to finish the physical task because of my bad knee.  But I survived and made it to the top 5.  Lu was an excellent NPC character that put Howl in awe and wonder.  The psych part that was stressful was carefully choosing words that would not displease the Great One and to remain as honest as possible.  The questions presented to Howl have made her think about herself deeply and forced her to look inward.

    Thanks for the great game guys, see you in May!


    Matt Wagner

    Thank you for your feedback!

    This offer is now expired.

    Matt Wagner -- Game Director of Seventh Kingdom IGE

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