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    It came up last moon that I was the target of a cutpurse attempt and I used A.E. to which the cutpurse user also used A.E. I had thought at the time that you couldn’t use A.E. on a reverse pickpocket attempt, but it was eventually ruled that it works. Personally, I didn’t lose anything I cared about and so we resolved it wit no hard feelings, but it’s been nagging at me so I wanted to get a clarify; the ability says if a cutpurse attempt is made against me I can use A.E. however, it doesn’t outright say you can or cannot use A.E. against itself. Unless A.E.’s function for reverse pickpocket counts as a Cutpurse attempt? (On phone so I can’t properly link or quote atm.)


    Anyway, again, there were no hard feelings afterward, but I’d like to know the official ruling of this matter in case it comes up again/if I wanna do it.



    1/P:  Negate and reverse a Cut Purse attempt against you. When someone uses Cut Purse on you and sends a Game Marshall to inform you of the theft, you may say “Acquisitions Expert” and clarify the effects of this Feature. You negate the thieving attempt, you know the identity of your thief and you are now in possession of either 1 GP or a Minor Component from the person of your would-be thief. If that character has neither, then you get nothing.



    You should have not been pick pocketed, gained a minor component from them, and known who they were.


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    Mario has the right of it.

    Step 1: The Cutpurse Skill was used upon you. This means that they can take things from your person (within certain limits)

    Step 2: You use Acquisitions Expert to negate the Cut-Purse attempt. Furthermore, you learn who they are and may take 1 gold piece or a minor component from them.

    Step 3: They attempt to negate your Cut-purse attempt with Acquisitions Expert but cannot because you are not using the Cut-Purse skill to take from them.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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