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    West Schliemann

    With a no-nonsense air that was almost unbecoming, he bolted into the inn and pinned a sign to the wall.


    I’ll be brief: we live in dark times.  As such, I will be transmuting Pure components from raw materials at no monetary cost for anyone who aims to donate them to the interests of their Kingdom.

    All I require is that you tell me what you aim to ask from your Kingdom in return – and pre-consent to a prompt death if you lie about your component’s purpose.

    Romulus Coriolanus Pendrakken
    Master of the Einhander Style 


    Shelby Miller

    While many Freeholder who took shelter in the inn from the cold glanced at the recently posted sign for a few moments, one person stood out. Perhaps it was the blonde hair that would give away the elf or perhaps the string of mumbled curses as she studied the sign. She had been standing there for ten minutes so far, piecing together the message left by the Pendrakken with not much success.

    Reading was still a pretty unfamiliar territory for Delphie Cu Gohrrim. Little by little she was improving but at times like this was where she felt the most frustrated as she felt like a moron standing there in public trying to decipher the letters. Part of her was tempted to just tear down the sign and take an axe to and let it be the end of that. Yet the wild elf held her temper as best as she could and continued to practically glare at the hung up sign.

    Delphie Cu Gohrrim~ Dyed Woman ~ Fir Bolg

    Bitch of the Bolg


    Matt DeFelice

    Having walked out of the dining room of the inn and found delphie staring at a sign for several minutes. After some time the lanky elf  read the sign to himself and sought out west out of curiosity.


    ” So you’re transmuting pure components for the good of one’s kingdom? How may i ask ensures a them not to lie? A contract of some kind?”

    You only live once, die, then proceed to live 6 more times.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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