Event Pricing

Listed below are all the prices and what is included in
each price for an event of Seventh Kingdom.
We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Attention- The last event of Seventh Kingdom will take place in July 2019.

$50.00 is the base price for the weekend:

   -Included in this price is 30 hours immersed in the interactive game environment that staff provides for you. Also included is the feast which is scheduled for either Friday night or Saturday night (usually Saturday). We are hoping to have a three-course feast (appetizer, entree, dessert). If you have any food concerns, please contact the Kitchen Director. Small snacks will be provided to the players along with drinks throughout the weekend.

$45.00 if you pre-register for the event:

   -If you take the time to Pre-Register, we will give you a discounted price of $45. This includes everything above. Please keep in mind when you pre-register you have to pay for the event when you submit your pre-registration. This payment is non-refundable, but if you find yourself not able to attend the event you pre-registered for, we’ll keep your registration payment for the next available event providing you tell us via email before the Pre-registration period closes for the event.

$20.00 if you PC for one Period:

   -If you can only stay for a few hours, you can pay at the door to play for just one period. Period one is Friday at 10:30pm to Saturday at 5am. Period two starts at 5am Saturday and goes to 5pm. Period three starts at 5pm Saturday and ends around 5am on Sunday. There is no option to NPC for just a period, although you can, it still just costs the flat rate of $15 for the weekend.

$10 for one build:

   -Once per month, we will give you the opportunity to purchase an extra build toward your limit of 5 build per month. This build can be purchased for $10. Build is needed to progress your character forward by buying skills, feats and hit points.

$100 for 10 build:
Once in a character’s life you are able to purchase 10 build for $100.

$15 to Full Time NPC for the Weekend:
Spend the entire weekend as an NPC.

$10 to Full time NPC the whole weekend if you Pre-register:
Spend the entire weekend as an NPC. Pre-register here.

$2 per serving:
Besides the feast and small snacks and drinks, other food items and specialty drinks will be provided at $2 per serving. Other things include breakfast Saturday morning (pancakes, eggs or waffles, sausage, or bacon), small meals all day Saturday, and a meal Friday night if the feast is not scheduled. Some specialty drinks will be bottles of water and/or energy drinks.
Note: To add money to your kitchen tab, please bring payment to Logistics during sign-in.

Buying back events:
We allow players to buy events that they have missed. You will be rewarded the 4 build along with one more build if you buy the ‘1 build for $10’ package. That is a total of $55.00 for four build each month missed. You can buy back events here.

***Ask us about Military and Civil service (police, fire, EMS) discounts!!!***

How build is awarded for PCs

Updated on October 7th, 2017