February 2018 Pre-reg (Closes Feb 7th at 7pm)

$55.00 (tax incl.)

February 9th to 11th at Camp Amity Acres NJ

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Pre-Reg is for future events only. Not buying back events.
Buy back events here!

The benefits of Pre-Registration:

  • Save 5 dollars. Both players and npcs receive this discounted rate.
  • Help staff better plan for the event. (It really really helps so please Pre-reg!)
  • Make your check in process faster during the start of the event.

Pre-reg is non refundable. However, if you tell us via email before pre-reg closes (Wednesday before the event at 7pm) we can transfer that purchase to a future event of your choice. This can only be done once.

Please provide the name of whom the purchase is going to. This is extra important if you pre-register for a group. You will be able to enter the names during the check out process.

December event credit will open on December 1st.

Once your Online Pre-Registration is complete consider the following:

Email Logistics to request or reserve sleeping areas, when applicable.
Email Kitchen to alert them of any food allergies you may have.
Email Staff (at latest, two Sundays before the event) with in-game character letters.
New players- Email Rules (at latest, the Sunday before the event) with your character.