Directions to Camp Yaw-Paw

Map of camp yawpaw.

Camp Information


  • Byrd – houses 10
  • Coyle – houses 15
  • Dogwood – houses 20
  • All cabins have wood burning stoves, picnic tables and a mattress for each bunk.

Lean-To’s (3 lean to’s per site unless otherwise noted):


  • Baden-Powell – houses 12
  • Dan Beard – houses 12
  • Smokerise – houses 12 (Also has two adjacent areas for about 8 tents for 16 more Scouts. Site has a splendid lake view.)
  • Clark – houses 16
  • Lewis – houses 12

Lean to’s have NO bunks or mattresses and are also very open to the elements.
We suggest bringing something to cover the entrance.

Tent sites:

  • Dan Boone – houses 12 to 16
  • Dogwood – houses 16 to 20
  • Frontier – houses 24 to 30
  • Keffer – houses 12 to 16
  • Mountaineer – houses 30 to 36
  • Paul Bunyan – houses 12 to 16
  • Pioneer – houses 30 to 36
  • Ranger – houses 16 to 20
  • Shady Acres – houses 24 to 30
  • Woodsman – houses 30-36

 The tent sites are just open fields suitable to pitch your own tent.

Dining Hall and Kitchen:


  • This building will be used as the Inn. It is a large pavilion that can sit 200 people that is attached to a closed in kitchen.The Kitchen is for the staff and Kitchen Crew only.


  • As mentioned this is a boyscout camp so be prepared for outhouses. There is a shower house with additional toilets found inside.(Girls there is a bathroom behind the kitchen with a flushing toilet, if you have need to use this please inform staff.)

 -Overall this is a warmer weather campground as barely anything is really indoors. Please plan accordingly. (Warmer clothing, bug prevention, etc.)

-This camp is located on top of a steep mountain. The weather is chillier due to being at higher altitudes and the breeze that flows through off the lakes.

-Bug sprays and or repellents are very important.

-The paths are hilly and the camp is completely filled with large rocks and boulders. Please make sure you wear shoes or boots that will support your ankles and give you traction.

-The gate at the camp’s entrance is locked due to the high number of people who like to trespass onto the camp to fish. Please keep an eye on the Forums as we will decide before each event if someone will be letting you in or if the lock’s combination will be listed somewhere near the gate.

-When driving up and down the steep road from the gate to the camp please go slow and be aware that cars may be coming the opposite way!