Directions to Camp Pine Hill

      PC’s can sleep here. There are aproxmately 25 bunk beds with foam mattresses. There is a single bathroom with lights, mirror, and flush-able toilet. The two back rooms will be reserved for staff. There is a fridge reserved for the kitchen staff and anyone’s medicine that might need 
      to be kept cold. This building has hot water and electric heat. Outlets can be found throughout the building. This area is considered in-game all the time.
    • Anderson Lodge – PC Sleeping, Inn overflow (and NPC sleeping in the back rooms)
      This small building has about 25 bunk beds with foam mattresses. The building has electric, but the heat is a large wood burning stove (it is quite effective if kept running all night). There is a kitchen with fridge (and maybe microwave), but no running water. This area is in-game.
    • The Dinning Hall – NPC Operations & sleeping. Npcs still report to websters for sign in. This building is heated by two large wood burning stoves. NPCs should be prepared to sleep here if possible, only due to the distance from the Dinning hall to Anderson Lodge. This area is out of game. There is electric power throughout.
    • Bathroom Building – Up on the field, next to the large pavilion. Has 3-4 stalls (and possible showers if they unlock them) in each bathroom (boys & girls). Building has hot water and heat. Please keep them clean! About 500 feet from Websters Lodge.
    • LEAN-TOS – There are at least seven lean-tos (many with power) which each have four beds. Only spring frames, no mattresses. A small tarp can easily cover the entrance to keep out wind and rain. These lean-tos are between Websters and the Dinning Hall on the right. The camp is currently building more which are not available as of Jan 2016.
    • Tent Sites – There will be multiple tents sites available to the players for PC sleeping… there are NO tents, just wooden tent platforms.
    • The paths are sandy and the camp is large so please wear suitable shoes.

Seventh Kingdom Pine Hill Camp Map