Directions to Camp Amity Acres

  • The camp is set on 57 acres in the Pinelands.
  • 4 camping sites that have small cabins, 4/6 people can sleep in each of these cabins. They have a canvas door, wooden walls, and fiberglass roof.
  • The Friendship Lodge is a modern facility housing two dorms, two bathrooms with showers, two kitchens and a fireplace. The building has warm water and heat. This will be used as the Inn and PC sleeping areas. NPCs sleep downstairs, in the basement which is a static 60 degrees. Nice in the summer months, we would like to remind them to bring warm sleeping bags. The camp is without beds or mattresses, so please bring appropriate sleeping gear.
  • There is a separate bath house located near the Friendship Lodge. We open this during the large events.
  • Those two locations are the only places with bathrooms. Both locations are also very close to all of the camp sites since the overall camp is on the small side.
  • The underbrush is VERY thick and the paths have thick roots along them.