The Wolfpack

Ready to take your game to the next level?

What is Wolfpack?

Current Wolfpack Members:

Kitchen Manager: Vanessa NicholsNESSA Vanessa can be found working in the Inn making delicious meals. She can make a wicked tasty steak, and loves cooking. If you have allergy or questions about our meals, please email her at the address provided above.

NPC Manager: Jeffrey PorchJEFF

Jeffrey can be found leading NPCs on seemingly harmless mods, where he can be found behind you, about to deliver an assassinate. When he is not just out of your periphery, he is either flanking the battlefield with a group of NPCs or in NPCland, making sure all his minions are hydrated and healthy.

NPC Manager: Steve BrownHUSKY

A fearless leader of NPCs, Stephen (aka Husky) charges into battle without hesitation or remorse. He can be found during events in NPC land preparing NPCs for their next mod, or on a mod as a terrible monster. Even though this is his first larp/ige, he has displayed that he is more than capable and eager, to add his unique talents to the 7K family.

Logistics Manager: Erika Herenserika

Erika can be found at registration before lay-on on Friday night or helping set up mod zones near NPC land. She has been NPCing since November of 2011 and has loved every second of it. She loves to play video games in her spare time as well as playing D&D with her best friends. She also enjoys everything fuzzy and adorable, especially her bunny “Muffin and Cupcake.”

NPC Manager: Scott PenningtonComing Soon

A veteran NPC, Scott is a dedicated member of the 7k team. He helps in NPC land by running mods and keeping everyone motivated.

Inn Manager: Samantha LewisComing Soon

Sam started as a NPC in November 2011 and has been helping staff since. More recently, she has started helping in the Inn both with authorizing items and preparing food alongside Vanessa.