Seventh Kingdom Staff

Leave a message for the Seventh Kingdom IGE staff at or 609.948.GAME. To contact a staff member directly, click on their name to email them.

President/CEO: Matthew C. HoerterHoerter

Matthew (Bizkit) Hoerter formulated the initial development of Seventh Kingdom IGE in 2008. Central to the success of the group, Bizkit carefully selected the Seventh Kingdom staff for their specific talents, experiences, and capabilities. His leadership skills stem from six years of active duty in the United States Air Force as a military police officer and firearms instructor. Bizkit also has post-military experience as a police officer and possesses fundamental conflict resolution skills, making him able to moderate a game smoothly and efficiently. Bizkit aims to provide a safe and fun environment for all who attend the IGE.

Game Director: Matthew Wagner

Matt Wagner is the game director at Seventh Kingdom, having previous experience working at three LARPs over the past 17 years. In addition, Matt is a graduate of Rowan University, having studied Theater Arts: Design/Tech and TV/Film Production. As Game Director, Matt organizes the events schedule and oversees all the games individual departments.

Rules Director: Jobert Aquino

Jobert Aquino is the principal writer of game mechanics at Seventh Kingdom IGE. He is primarily responsible for creating the rules system and the fantasy game world of Midworld. Jobert has been playing role-playing games of different kinds since he was seven, combining his degrees in sociology, psychology and literature to color, detail and populate immersive game environments such as Seventh Kingdom IGE.

Prop Master: Jessica Banis

Jessica (Fuzz) Banis is relatively new to the LARPing world but has found a deep passion for the game. Seventh Kingdom is her first LARPing experience, though she has always been a fan of table-top RPGs, video games, high-fantasy fiction and theater. She became a Wolfpack member after participating as an NPC at Seventh Kingdom for more than a year, and became a staff member shortly after. She is in charge of weapon and prop safety inspections. She is currently working on her Bachelors degree in English and improving her skills at prop creation.

Environmental Director: Kris CorcoranKris

The first player to ever take an official perm death, he decided to hop the fence and try out the NPC life. After a long period of unwavering npc support, he became staff. He manages the environment, setting up props, signs, and clarifies outside of the inn. When he isn’t setting stuff up, he can be found in npc land organizing mods and playing one of several npc characters.

Costume Director: Nana LuvNANA

Nana joined as a PC in 2010 and enjoyed playing her character, V’tani Serpentscale, for four years until she officially retired in 2014. As a staff member, her primary duties are costuming, makeup and promoting Seventh Kingdom. In her free time, Nana can be found drawing, playing video games, or working on the next big project for 7k.

Kitchen Director: Vanessa NicholsNESSA

Vanessa can be found working in the Inn making delicious meals. She can make a wicked tasty steak, and loves cooking. If you have allergy or questions about our meals, please email her at the address provided above.

Operations Director: Stephen Brown

A fearless leader of NPCs, Stephen (aka Husky) charges into battle without hesitation or remorse. He can be found during events in NPC land preparing NPCs for their next mod, or on a mod as a terrible monster. Even though this is his first larp/ige, he has displayed that he is more than capable and eager, to add his unique talents to the 7K family.

Wolf Pack: Assistants to Staff

Wolf Pack fulfill multiple roles at and between events, helping staff to create the best game possible. You can read more about Wolf Pack members and the role of the Wolf Pack here.